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The Overtime Post

Recently, when we talked to you how we can improve Sports Networker, a lot of you gave us (essentially) one word: more!

Now, we have been bringing you posts Monday through Friday, give or take a sick day ever since our inception. This is about to change.

Welcome to The Overtime Post, where each weekend I will give you a casual highlight of our week’s posts, along with some of the hottest news in social media and sports business. The posts will be more light-hearted and relaxed, since most of us have traded in our weekday suits for football jerseys and foam fingers anyway.

Think of it as a weekly Sportscenter – something you can read between downs or during timeouts. I know a lot of you have a lot of trick-or-treating to do, so without further ado, this week’s posts:


Sports 2.0 and the Age of Social Media

It appears that Lewis has crossed the line to the other side, referring to himself as an ‘old folk’ as he compares watching sports today to a time before it was cool to socialize online during a game. Seriously, does anybody else remember those days besides Bill Simmons?


Taking Online Connections Offline

Ash continues his blog series on utilizing social media to build a sports team’s fan base by talking about taking online connections offline. The Sports Networker team are big supporters of offline networking and putting faces to our online connections and for November, we are putting our money where our mouthes are. Besides the L.A. Networking event, Lewis is going to be in four other cities during the next two weeks (Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, and San Diego). As for myself, I’m going to be in New York from November 13th to 19th. Get at us in the comments below or shoot us an email if you want to meet up!


10 Tips to Help You Land Your First Sports Job

I think I was told that I’m not supposed to pick favorites, but I’m sorry, this was absolutely my favorite post of the week. Besides 10 solid tips on how to land that first sports job (they are absolutely true and work by the way), the image of Brendan mascot-suiting up brought a smile to my face for the rest of the day.


Who Ya NOT Gonna Call?

I’ve heard my fair share of football references to describe business advice, but only Michelle can incorporate football, business, and the ghostbusters all in one post. Ever the savvy entrepreneur, Michelle dissects the art of knowing who to lean on for business advice at what time.


LeBron James Shares New Image Through Nike Ad

To say that Mr. Taggart has a passing interest in Mr. James would be an understatement. Sam (the cooler one) drops a massive analysis of LeBron’s latest Nike ad and his first two games as a member of the Miami Heat. I almost wish LeBron went to the Knicks just so Sam could get an even better look at LBJ’s game on and off the court.

The Links:

Hit the Ice with Hockey Community

Taking advantage of the social media and the love for hockey in Canada (it’s on our money, really), Vancouver entrepreneurs have created a brand new way for pick up games across the country. Organize games, rate players, and talk hockey, all on one network.

Facebook Acquires and Sam Lessin

While this has nothing to do with sports per-say, this is big news in the business world. Like Cliff Lee signing with the Yankees big.

Rondo’s triple-double is one for the ages

While the first week in the NBA’s focus has been on the Heat (and rightfully so), I simply can’t ignore Rondo’s line on Friday. 10 points, 10 rebounds, and a whopping 24 assists on Friday. And of course it was against the Knicks. Wow.

World Series Ratings on Pace for Record Lows

How could I create a list of the best sports and business links without talking about the World Series? Wait, you didn’t watch it either? My bad.


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