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Carving out a Niche with

This is a guest post by Tyler Johnson My e-mail inbox has been blowing up lately with daily deals.  Then more.  And more.  And delete.  I wondered why I even opted in to a few of these sites as I delete nine out of 10 I receive.  When I came across, I became curious…

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The Overtime Post

Recently, when we talked to you how we can improve Sports Networker, a lot of you gave us (essentially) one word: more!

Now, we have been bringing you posts Monday through Friday, give or take a sick day ever since our inception. This is about to change.

Welcome to The Overtime Post, where each weekend I will give you a casual highlight of our week’s posts, along with some of the hottest news in social media and sports business. The posts will be more fun and relaxed, as most of us have traded in our weekday suits for sports jerseys and foam fingers anyway.

Think of it as a weekly Sportscenter – something you can read between downs or during timeouts. I know a lot of you have a lot of trick-or-treating to do, so without further ado, this week’s posts:

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