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Who Ya NOT Gonna Call?

Pro football offensive line players know which opposing team defensive guard will clobber them with a vengeance on every play. They know the dirty players with intentions of delivering late hits or even career-ending blows.

Pro players also know who their ‘go-to’ people are – the ones who have their back. The teammate who will defend them with everything they’ve got. The coach who guides, instructs, and corrects. The family member who is at every game, cheering them on.

Entrepreneurs, much like pro players, know who their “go-to” people are; the friends who will give us a verbal shot-in-the arm. We gravitate to people who share our extreme need for continual motivation. It’s important to know who to call for guidance, instruction, and correction along our path to success.

What’s even more important is who we DON’T call in times of discouragement, distress, or failure.

We’re all familiar with the famous question in the Ghostbusters movie…”Who Ya Gonna Call?” I propose to ask the question differently…Who Ya NOT Gonna Call?

We all have at least one person in our life who will question our intelligence, our direction, and completely deflate every ounce of motivation and self-confidence we might have. Sometimes, it’s a family member who calls out failure at every turn.

I remember when I started my company Winning Proof – the first words from my mom’s mouth were, “Are you sure you want another failure?” I had previously tried my very first business, a cookie company, that didn’t go as planned. Good thing I have adopted Les Brown’s famous quote of, “Don’t let someone else’s negative opinion of you become your reality.”

Maybe you have a well-meaning friend who tries to “encourage” you with a tale of doom about how 90% of businesses fail within the first five years. It might even be a spouse who inflicts a discouraging word about your efforts. Sometimes, people with no dreams of their own just can’t stand the notion that you might have one. It scares them; it reminds them that they’ve not ventured out one inch from their own comfort zone.

Even though you might love them, stay far away from these people when your low points hit. Know who NOT to call when you’re experiencing ‘dip’ days as I call them, unless you really enjoy self-induced wounds.

The next time you’re feeling discouraged, call the ‘teammate’ who always has an uplifting word of encouragement for you. Call a trusted friend or mentor who sees your opportunities instead of barriers.

As you grow in your personal development and business sense, people will start to surround you that support your dream, add value to your life, and just lend a listening ear to your vision. I have certainly found that to be true in my own life and I seek out others to whom I can offer my support and encouragement as well.

So, next time you face an obstacle or experience a defeat, know who NOT to call.


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  1. tejones October 29, 2010 at 2:33 am #

    Hey, great advice!!!!


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