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CoachBook – revolutionizing social media in the coaching industry

Imagine a site where users could send friends messages, customize personal profiles, network through online chats, and have the ability to stay in contact with those whom they may not be able to see on a daily basis. No, I am not talking about Facebook, but rather the new and upcoming networking site for coaches, performance specialists, and sport professionals called CoachBook.

CoachBook is a powerful networking site that enables users to have the ability to connect with other coaches. Those who become members of the site have the ability to leave comments on as many profiles as they wish, invite friends, join groups, reply to discussions in forums, create a personal profile, and dive into a list of job postings from around the country.  Anyone can sign up on CoachBook—it’s easy and free. CoachBook encourages members to create a profile that allows them to promote not only themselves, but also their website, products, services, or company.

CoachBook was created by Bill Vasko, a long-time college football and baseball coach who currently serves as the head softball coach and strength coordinator at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia.  Since its inception in October 2008, CoachBook has gained over 2500 members, all of which were primarily through word of mouth. What started out as a hobby for Vasko, has grown and developed into the largest social network strictly for those in the coaching profession.

One of the best features of CoachBook is the ability to connect with others within the industry. Whether a basketball coach seeking to find the best offense to attack a 1-3-1 defense, a football coach trying out different plays within the spread offense, or a coach looking to improve the strength and conditioning of their athletes, CoachBook allows you to connect with others who may have just the answer to those questions. The site has a wide array of groups that its members can join that include: football coaches, strength & conditioning coaches, nutrition, athletic directors, softball news, and kid’s fitness, just to name a few.  CoachBook targets coaches of all sports at all levels.  In addition to sport coaches, it also attracts a large number of performance specialists and other professionals who train and work with athletes on a daily basis.

CoachBook is currently in the beginning stages of something that could eventually revolutionize the way coaches learn and interact with one another. Certainly the site has numerous features that could instantly make it a productive tool, but CoachBook is looking to make even bigger strides in the future. New features planned include live broadcasts and interviews, interactive video clinics, and vlogs. CoachBook is also looking to bring in top name coaches within the industry to join in the expansion of this amazing resource.

CoachBook is looking to expand but it needs your help. First things first, if you know of any coaches that want to get involved with the site, whether it be posting instructional videos, writing blogs on specific sports, or other creative means within the site, CoachBook highly encourages the ideas as they are seeking individuals who would like to get involved and interact with other coaches. CoachBook makes it easy to invite your coaching friends by allowing you to import contacts from your email address book to send your friends a personalized email.

Also, with the rapid growth of the site CoachBook is looking to expand its staff in order to give its viewers the most up-to-date and best available content to coaches on the web. If you know anyone who would possibly be interested, whether as a coach or prospective CoachBook employee, please contact me at [email protected]


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  2. Dmitriy July 18, 2010 at 9:33 pm #

    It's an interesting idea and it models pretty much precisely what Facebook does. My question would be if CoachBook is only the beginning? Are we going to see similar ventures exclusively for athletes, teachers, accountants, lawyers, etc. Where does it stop? And if FaceBook works so well already, do these niche sites have any chance of actually competing with the social media giant?

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