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Sports Cliche Week

Sports Cliché Week: To Use or Avoid Clichés?

Well… it’s Sports Cliché Week! So we here at Sports Networker decided to give you our take on using clichés in your writing. Should you use them or lose them? Here’s what we say! Sports Cliché Week: For a long time sports journalism explained the outcome of professional sports contests like this: “Sometimes teams win…

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7 Basic Skills Needed to Work in Sports Writing

Sports writers come from all walks of life. Young and old… new and experienced. Readers often find articles or blogs written by journalists, industry professionals, bloggers, fans and anyone else that may have an interest in a particular sports topic. For an aspiring sports writer who wishes to succeed and become credible as a sports…

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10 Playbook Secrets for Promotional Sports Writing

Do you want to improve your promotional sports writing skills? Just like a football coach has a playbook that guides the team play-by-play, I’m going to reveal some secrets from my own playbook that will help you vastly improve as a sports promotional writer. Follow these secrets and you’ll move up the field to sports…

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5 Myths about Sports Writing Careers

You’ve probably heard about the exciting life of a sports writing career. Maybe you envision traveling from stadium to stadium, hanging out with Al Michaels and Chris Collingsworth. Or, maybe you see yourself writing on a beach somewhere, drink in one hand, laptop in the other after interviewing superstar athletes. Well, I’ve been a sports…

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What are The Hottest Employment Prospects in Sports?

What are the hottest employment prospects in sports? These days, its the sports-related companies making news. Everyday, something new and exciting is breaking in the sports business world: new product launches, new companies, new divisions, new corporate sponsorships, new vice presidents, new arenas, new channels, new programming, new sporting events – you name it – sports…

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An Athlete’s Journey To Success

A lot of us endure setbacks in life, but few are lower than what a 15-year-old aspiring athlete experienced when he heard his mother’s parting words as he walked out the door with his worldly possessions in one small duffel bag: “I wish you’d never been born.” Little did he know, those would be freeing…

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How To Write For The Sports Industry (Video)

Terry Lefton is a killer writer for the SportsBusiness Journal, and I was fortunate enough to meet up him during the Marquis Jet Super Bowl party in Tampa.  He shares some great insights about how difficult it is becoming a writer in the sports industry, but by specializing early you have a much greater chance…

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