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‘The Sporting Nation’ Markets Sports To A Multi-Cultural United States

Leagues, websites, and major networks are trying to figure out ways to better market sports to the growing US Latino communities. may be on to something with their unique approach to reaching the market.  Part of their mission is to bring together both US and Latino markets and provide them with a unified sporting…

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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 09.16.13 – 09.23.13

This week’s top news in the #SportsBiz includes Orlando City Soccer eyeing a spot in Major League Soccer.  Other news includes Fox holding a Super Bowl ad contest, fantasy sports proving to be a viable business, Toyota and NASCAR holding a tweet race, and Manchester United cashing in on sponsorships.  Read on. Sports Jobs Orlando…

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World Cup Has Great Cross Cultural Appeal To Sports Marketers

The World Cup is set to take place next year.  For sports marketers, this may be a golden opportunity to reach multiple cultures at once.  3.2 billion people watched the 2010 World Cup around the world. In the U.S., over 24 million people saw the final between the Netherlands and Spain.  Although Americans have yet to…

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NBC Soccer Coverage Markets Premier League To Americans

It’s widely known that soccer in the United States is a tough market.  With Americans so pre-occupied with football, baseball, basketball, and even hockey, the market size  for soccer looks rather meek.  NBC soccer coverage may change the market outlook for soccer in America. NBC soccer coverage begins With NBC having spent around $250 million…

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World Cup 2014 Ticket Demand Heats Up

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is set to take place in Brazil on June 12.  If you are trying to grab some tickets, you better cross your fingers because applicants are chosen at random. These tickets are hotter than than the bottom of your laptop. ‘World Cup 2014’ Tickets in high demand On Tuesday, one…

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2013 All-Star Twitter List of MLS Players

Major League Soccer is now in full swing! Having reached it’s 18th year, the growth of the game is apparent if you take a look at their presence on social media, even if you aren’t following on the major networks that now carry the games… As of fan of any sport, you can’t ignore soccer…

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sports social media

Sports Social Media: Euro Football Study in China

China currently has the largest population in the world with more than 1.2 billion people and 15.6 million of them are active social media users when it comes to European Football. These are huge numbers and a recent study by Mailman Group on sports social media titled Red Card takes a look at the relationship…

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sports technology

Soccer to Selectively Use Sports Technology

Sports technology will be used selectively in soccer and the International Board and FIFA are willing to allow it. In a document assessed by football’s rule-makers over the weekend, FIFA reversed its previous stance that referees could be undermined if the results from high-tech aids were revealed. The lawmakers behind soccer approved the use of…

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Sports and Social Media: Winners and Losers (Infographic)

Social Media in Sports: Who are the Winners and Losers? Sports and social media make a great team. Whilst fans follow the action, they can share the moment with their friends and fellow supporters. But who is making the most of this relationship? And who would be best advised to keep clear of Twitter altogether?…

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Find Your Greatness

On a beautiful, sunny November afternoon in Columbus, Ohio, the St. Francis DeSales girls’ soccer team stormed the field at Crew Stadium as the final second elapsed in the Ohio High School Athletic Association Division II state championship game. Admist screams, cheers and a few moist eyes, the players ran onto the soccer pitch to…

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Billionaires League: American Ownerships in Soccer English Premier League

The English Premier League is one of the biggest in the soccer world. Premier League club’s combined revenue is about $3.6 billion and includes some of the richest soccer clubs in the world. Four of Premier League’s 20 clubs are owned by Americans, and American businessman Stan Kroenke is the majority shareholder of Arsenal FC….

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UEFA Euro Cup 2012 in the Social Media Era

It’s been a whiplash-inducing ride watching the Euro Cup for the past nine days, and I mean ‘watching’ them on Twitter! Nowadays, it’s not just a simple act of going to your local pub, paying for the pay-per-view fees they charge for admission and relishing your favorite pint while watching a match here and there with…

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