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Soccer to Selectively Use Sports Technology

sports technologySports technology will be used selectively in soccer and the International Board and FIFA are willing to allow it.

In a document assessed by football’s rule-makers over the weekend, FIFA reversed its previous stance that referees could be undermined if the results from high-tech aids were revealed.

The lawmakers behind soccer approved the use of images on giant screens and on TV of goal-line incidents and said it was up to the individual competition organizers to allow the images to be used in stadiums or not. Competition organizers can also determine whether to approve the use of goal-line technology in their own competitions, whether it be a domestic league or a cup competition, but not all matches in any particular competition have to use it.

“If goal-line technology exists in a stadium, there is no advantage to one side or the other and therefore if the technology exists and it has been switched on and agreed by the competition organizers then there is no reason why it can’t be used,” said Stewart Regan, the chief executive of the Scottish FA which hosted Saturday’s meeting.

“If it has been approved it will then be up to the individual club in consultation with the organizers or their league body to decide if it can be used.”

All in all competition organizers will have the final say in whether or not the sports technology is actually used at their event, but the idea of using it seems to be one that people are more open to.

MLB has also been using similar sports technology to take a closer look at balls that could be determined home runs or otherwise and it is fair to say that this technology has saved umpires from making wrong calls on more than one occasion.

Similar sports technology is also used in the NFL and it leads to referees making the right call on more decisions than in the past, which has only improved the game as a whole. If it can work for American football, why can’t it work for soccer?

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