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Alternative Medicine In Sports: Energy Management and Injury Prevention

Overtraining, not training enough, coming back too soon from a previous injury; there are so many reasons why an elite athlete can get injured in the height of their career. However one of the key reasons, I believe, athletes get injured is because they are somewhat disconnected from the emotional aspect. In particular they aren’t in…

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2012 London Olympics: IOC Social Media Policy Review

Wednesday marked 100 Days until the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Games. We decided it was time to break down key components of the official IOC (International Olympic Committee) social media policy – particularly for athletes. Although social media use is ‘encouraged’, there are crucial restrictions that apply to athletes, as well as accredited officials,…

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Engaging Fans and Raising Awareness through Social Media in Sports

Here in Australia, sporting clubs are only just realizing the massive potential of social media and beginning to understand the new opportunities they have to connect with their fans. This week I decided to have a chat to Sean Callanan, the Founder of Australian based digital sports company Sports Geek.  Sean is one of the…

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Elite Athletes are in the Hot Seat: Is the Pressure of Being a Role Model too Much?

One of the biggest sports stories to hit Australia this week involved aspiring 23-year-old Olympic swimmer and elite athlete Kenrick Monk, who broke his elbow in two places and will now be out of action for at least six weeks. Initially Monk told police he had been hit by some young (P- plate) drivers in…

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Athlete Interview: How to Eat Properly, Maximize, & Recover on the Road

Most professional athletes travel frequently and spend large amounts of time in transit. Yet when you are in transit, it can be extremely difficult eating well and it also makes it more of a challenge looking after your body as you can’t always access a gym or fit in your cardio. This week I decided…

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Inspiring your Networks to Share your Stories

One of the key things to making your sports website work is getting the people who already love you to share your links or stories within their networks. This works similar to third party marketing – where someone else is endorsing your product for you. You ‘recruit’ people who like you so much they effectively…

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Sportsnetworker and Relationships in Social Media

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Five Hard and Fast Ways to Get Media Coverage

Media coverage can make a massive difference to the value of your brand. One positive editorial story is valued in the industry as five times that of advertorial coverage due to the fact it is effectively third party endorsement. In fact, I train all of my clients to become media tarts. Why? Because I have…

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Social Media Marketing and Over-Saturation: When is Enough Enough?

Recently I went to China to play beach volleyball. While I was there I noticed the Chinese approach to marketing clothes, products, and services was very aggressive — products and services were constantly ‘in your face’.  The supermarkets in particular were particularly fascinating – aisles upon aisles of products and signage,consumers hit with marketing messages…

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Shooting a Good Sports Image for Social Media

One of the biggest problems I faced when working with corporate clients in media was convincing them of the importance of using only quality photographs to help convey their brand correctly. I can never understand why businesses and sports persons will spend thousands on ‘flash websites’ but never invest a few hundred dollars in a…

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Brand Brilliance: Sponsoring Local Communities to Benefit Everyone Involved

On a recent trip to Indonesia I visited a number of well-known surf beaches. While I was there, I learned a bit about the local community and discovered that some businesses were doing ‘radical’ things to support the sport of surfing and keep the beaches clean. As a beach volleyballer I’ve played in some amazing…

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A New Era at the NBA

Watching live NBA games this week there is one game that really stood out and drew media and online attention for all the wrong reasons:  The Cleveland Cavaliers V Miami Heat game on March 29. Superstarter Lebron James didn’t feature in the pre-game announcements -apparently he was in the restroom – instead ‘appearing’ on the…

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