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Landing your Dream Job in Major League Baseball: The Winter Meetings

As Lewis Howes explained in his book, , networking on LinkedIn is very similar to networking in person. It’s based around creating relationships with others that allow them to sincerely feel like they 1) know you, 2) like you, and 3) trust you. Since the MLB Winter Meetings are known to be a prime networking location…

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The #SportsBiz Toolkit – 5 Must-Haves

I’ve had many different experiences working in the sports industry, whether it be as (1) a baseball agent, (2) an event coordinator, or (3) a writer for, and I’ve realized that there are certain “must-haves” for any sports business professional. You need to be prepared for the #SportsBiz in what to carry with you….

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How I Was Able to Leverage My Experience in Fantasy Sports to Get a Job Interview

Recently, while networking over a cup of coffee, I told an innocent story. Unbeknownst to me at the time, that innocent story would lead directly to a job interview. As I sat across from a banker with many high-profile contacts in the baseball industry, we casually discussed the new MLB playoff structure. The fact that…

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