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Super Bowl History: Iconic NFL Championship Moments & Memories

Super Bowl I Champion Green Bay Packers

Who amongst us doesn’t enjoy a thrilling Championship battle? Those moments in time captivate and entertain us and they can also add a few bucks to our wallets.

That is never more prevalent than when the Vince Lombardi Trophy is on the line – the excitement level always ramps up exponentially on Super Bowl Sunday. The annual National Football League Championship is the most anticipated and watched sporting event on the planet.

The Super Bowl is also the busiest day on the sports handicapping calendar as bettors around the globe wager billions of dollars at various top sports betting sites hoping to cash that big winning ticket.

Our Favorite Iconic NFL Championship Moments And Memories!

That aside, the Super Bowl always leaves its mark as it has provided us with the some of the most iconic moments in history. Here are some of our favorites!

Green Bay Packers begin Super Bowl blowout trend

Gree Bay Packers NFL Super Bowl Champions

The Green Bay Packers were Super Bowl hogs early on.

Over the years, the NFL Championship has resulted in close contests, many blowout wins by the favorites, as well as stirring victories by the underdogs.

Count the first two Super Bowl contests in the blowout category as the Packers pounded the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in Super Bowl I and then made it two for two when they routed the Oakland Raiders 33-14 in Super Bowl II. Hall of Fame QB Bart Starr was the MVP of both games as he passed for a combined 452 yards and three touchdowns in his only two Super Bowl appearances.

Despite packing almost 62,000 fans into the cavernous Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Super Bowl I is still the only modern day NFL Championship game that wasn’t a complete sellout – and it will be the last.

Commercials: We love to hate them – Except on Super Bowl Sunday

For 364 days a year, everyone on the planet loves to hate commercials. There are many good reasons for that as they are often loud, repetitious and extremely annoying. That all changes one day a year though; as kitchens and bathrooms everywhere feel neglected when commercials air during Super Bowl Sunday.

Perhaps the most iconic commercial in Super Bowl history was unveiled in 1979 as Coca-Cola marketed their “Have a Coke and a Smile” campaign. The ad features a young lad in a stadium tunnel persistently offering up his bottle of Coke to a hobbling and battered looking “Mean” Joe Greene from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Green finally accepts and guzzles down the bottle of Coke. Looking a little rejected, the boy turns and walks away, just then Greene calls out “hey kid” and tosses him his jersey. That commercial helped launch the memorable, hilarious, and often “racy” Super Bowl ads that we now look forward to during Super Bowl Sunday telecasts.

Pop Culture hits the Super Bowl pre-game and halftime stages

Entertainment during Super Bowl Sunday changed forever in 1982 when Motown Records’ superstar Diana Ross performed the National Anthem prior to the start of Super Bowl XVI at the Pontiac Silverdome. Ross fired up the announced crowd of 81,270 football fans as she had them singing loud and patriotically proud.

That iconic moment led legends from all genres of music and entertainment to the Super Bowl – including the late great Whitney Houston (Check out the video above if you want to experience some POWER!). With Operation Desert Storm raging in the Persian Gulf, Whitney performed a powerful and stirring rendition of the Anthem prior to Super Bowl XXV on January 27, 1991 at Tampa Stadium in Florida. Whitney’s performance is still widely recognized as one of the most electrifying moments in sports as well as the best National Anthem rendition ever.

Anthem performances are just one of the many things available for wagering online. The length of time it takes to sing the Star Spangled Banner is always a featured and popular proposition betting option on sites like (for more information, check out this Bovada review).

Will This Year’s Game Create Super Bowl History?

Super_Bowl_XLVIII_logo (1)

Will the 49ers find redemption from last year’s Big Game? Can Russell Wilson lead his team to the promised last? Will one of the Hall of Fame AFC quarterbacks add another ring to their hand? Who will sing this year’s National Anthem – and how long will it take?

Enjoy the next edition of the Super Bowl and remember – iconic NFL Championship moments can happen at anytime on Super Bowl Sunday!

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