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Social Media Sites: Los Angles Clippers Top the Inaugural NBA Social Media League Table

social media sitesOne of the up-and-coming social media sites, We Play is a destination for NBA teams, fans and media to check fan base growth and influence. It has become available from the team who created the Social Media Premier League.  

The Leaderboard is the first of its kind to include all NBA teams, and We Play have created their own We Play Score to determine the rankings of the teams. The leaderboard tracks Facebook and Twitter data collated over the previous week and releases the data in this easy to digest table every Wednesday morning at 11am (GMT).

We Play is a sports social media agency. We Play are a relationships agency that specialize in sports. Their motto is “We know sports fans, what they are motivated by and how to reach them better than anyone else. Click here to see who we work with

The Stats

The Los Angeles Clippers claimed the top spot of the inaugural NBA Social Media League table as of early September, 2013. The Clippers gained 4,594 Twitter followers and 8,800 Facebook ‘likes’ over the past week. Some of that growth can be attributed to the Clippers revealing Antawn Jamison’s jersey number, which boosted numbers on August 28th.

The Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies occupy 2nd and 3rd spots respectively, with Dwight Howard’s Houston Rockets sitting 4th.

The Warriors social media highlight over the past week was a discussion around how many games fans feel they’ll win this season. After a great Playoff run last season and an impressive off-season where they acquired Andre Iguodala, Warriors fans are optimistic about the season ahead and happy to get involved in the discussion.

The Grizzlies built on local-pride as they generated some buzz around Memphis’ #901 day by celebrating all they love about their hometown and the #GrizzNation.

For the Rockets, it was the retirement of Tracy McGrady, which created the most interaction and growth. The former Rockets star Tweeted his thanks to the people of Houston, which the Rockets Retweeted. The Rockets also extended the discussion by sharing some of T-Mac’s finest moments in Houston.

Two of the NBA’s most famous franchises the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics are sitting towards the bottom of the table. Though both fanbases are still growing across Twitter and Facebook, in relation to their total fanbase size their growth % is smaller than those above them.

As basketball continues to become more of a global game it’ll be interesting to see how overseas trips will benefit the teams taking part.

There’s also huge growth potential for teams like the Oklahoma Thunder and Philadelphia 76ers who are coming overseas during the pre season. In addition, the Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets will be playing a regular season game at London’s 02 Arena in January.

As the NBA season tip-off approaches, the leaderboard will allow us to monitor how each team’s social media efforts are measuring up throughout the season.

One Of The Best Stat Social Media Sites Today

The NBA League table follows on from the successful launch of the Premier League Social Media League table. Since its launch, towards the back end of the 2012/13 season, a number of clubs; including Cardiff City, Crystal Palace and Southampton FC have actively used the leaderboard as a measure of success and shared the table with fans encouraging them to help their club reach number one.

We Play founder Luca Massaro explains why the company was created:

We build these leaderboards because we love competition. We love data and we love visualising it to stimulate impact.

As sports social media experts, we know exactly how to utilise social media to gain the awareness, appreciation and action needed to get sports fans to transact. Our leaderboards give us the core insight to show teams the gaps that need filling and the opportunities that need taking.

It is imperative in today’s age that all brands are actively monitoring the performance of both themselves and those they are competing with in their respective micro communities.

In the social media world, like the sporting world, results drive success. Therefore, it’s vital to all digital teams to measure the success of their social media strategy to determine what is successful, what works and; the most important; what can drive the biggest ROI. We Play believes that influence over your competitors and your audience is the most important metric to measure within social media.

How does the We Play score work?

The We Play score is a calculated by the percentage increase of a teams’ Facebook and Twitter fan bases in the past 7 days. 50% of the overall We Play score is attributed to the percentage growth of Facebook fans in relation to total Facebook fans and 50% is attributed to the percentage growth of Twitter followers in relation to total Twitter followers.

View the leader board here:

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One of the up-and-coming social media sites, We Play is a destination for NBA teams, fans and media to check fan base growth and influence. It has become available from the team who created the Social Media Premier League.   The Leaderboard is the first of its kind to include all NBA teams, and We…

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