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Sports Jobs: How to Prepare for an Interview


You’ve made it through all that process of carefully crafting your resume and cover letter to showcase your relevant experiences and grab the attention of the recruiters and hiring managers so they’ll decide to call you and schedule an interview to give you the chance of winning your dream job in the sports realm.

But these 30 to 60 minutes can make or break your future career, and you are well aware of that. That’s why your palms are sweating and you are starting to feel insecure.

The reality is, that the fact you are in the room, facing an interview means that your potential future employer already thinks you are qualified for the position. You just need to prove the interviewers that what they saw and liked in your job application documents is real. You should never act as if the job is beneath your capabilities and desires, even if you are a recent college graduate and this is just a stepping stone for what comes next in your professional career.

Tips for Preparing for a Sports Jobs Interview

List Examples of You Handling Pressure With Grace and Poise

The sports jobs are often high pressured, with intense periods and long work hours which are then followed by more calm periods. Anyone trying to get a job in sports must not only be prepared for such tempo, but should also be able to make sound decisions without much guidance and in the heat of the moment.

Think of situations from your past where you’ve dealt with pressure with poise and grace, and practice how to best demonstrate them during the interview.

Express Interest Both in the Job and in the Organization

Visualize yourself already having the job – wouldn’t you want to know where the organization is going in the future and how you’ll fit in those plans? Practice these insightful questions ahead and ask the interviewer to show your interest.

Show the interviewer you are prepared and want to make a difference right away. If this is your dream job the hiring manager has to see and know that fact. Show your potential employer you are not there to spend months “getting to know how the company functions”, but that you have some thoughtful ideas to share and you want to start making a difference right away. Demonstrate how the strengths and skills you’ll bring to the job will help them improve the work.

Practice how to better listen and prepare for a thoughtful answer. The experts say some of the best interviews they’ve had are those that naturally developed to become more like a conversation, where the candidates responded with a level of thoughtfulness. Try to listen slowly, take a breath and visualize, and then answer the question. That 5 seconds brake will help you concentrate, calm in your answer and boost your confidence, so that you can better guide the conversation in your own advantage.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

If you want to really shine on the interview and get your dream sports job you must prepare ahead. Practice the answers you’ll give and the questions you’ll ask, your standing, gestures and overall appearance, but don’t go in too deep, forgetting that the interview should also be a fun experience for you and not feel like you are going on a test, again.

Also, don’t forget to dress appropriately for the occasion.

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