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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 12.24.12 – 12.31.12


The Top News In #Sportsbiz is a collection of articles curated by Sports Networker’s Lead Writer – Mark Burns

Sports Business

4 Motivational Quotes All #SportsBiz Professionals Should Live By in 2013

#sportsbizEveryone in #sportsbiz knows the commonly said, read, and re-iterated phrase, “You love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I’m not sure who coined that cliched phrase, but it’s definitely not the quote I’m here to elaborate on.

I’m here to simply share four original motivational quotes all aspiring #sportsbiz professionals should live by in 2013.

One’s from a #sportsbiz reporter. Another quote from a motivational speaker and author. An owner of a professional sports franchise delivers a great gem. The fourth quote is from a famous actor.

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Sports Networking

Narrowing Down Your Sports Career Interest

Sports NetworkingCongratulations. If you are reading this post, you have likely already had the Aha moment of telling someone for the first time, “I want to work in sports.” All aspiring sports business professionals naturally begin with this proclamation.

Then, many proceed to express interest in a particular aspect of the business, most likely athlete representation, player operations, or marketing to start. Been there, done that. Others fall by the wayside, settle for more traditional careers, and view working in sports as merely a dream. If that sounds like you, stop reading here.

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Sports Marketing

How Texas A&M Marketed Johnny Manziel, Including 400 Billboards And More

Johnny Manziel

As the final seconds of Texas A&M’s Nov. 10 upset of Alabama ticked down, school officials realized they had a problem, albeit a pleasant one.

Johnny Manziel, previously a fringe Heisman Trophy candidate, suddenly had credentials to be the front-runner, but he had two significant obstacles:

He was a redshirt freshman. No freshman had ever won the Heisman.

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Sports Sponsorship

Arsenal Must Win Or Sponsorship Will Be Cut, Warns Backer Emirates

Arsenal-EmiratesArsenal is at risk of losing millions of pounds in sponsorship money from main backers Emirates if the Gunners fail to qualify for the UEFA Champions League in future seasons.

The Gunners receive 30 million pounds per year from the airline company, but Emirates’ senior vice president, Boutros Boutros has revealed that the club will be paid less money if its fails to perform up to a high standard.

Arsenal currently sits in third place in the Premier League after beating Wigan 1-0 on Saturday, but the news will still be a worry as the side is currently fighting with the likes of Chelsea, Everton, Tottenhan and West Brom for a spot in the top four.

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Sports Sales

MLB And StubHub Come To Terms Of New Deal

MLBMajor League Baseball and StubHub (a ticket market place where users can buy and sell tickets) reached an agreement to a 5-year deal that will continue the site’s role as the secondary ticket market for all of the league’s games.

StubHub has been heavily involved with the MLB for over a decade, include a deal reached with the Seattle Mariners in 2001 and has made separate deals with about half of the teams in the league. StubHub has been the “Official Fan to Fan Ticket Marketplace” for since the 2007 season.

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Sports Social Media

Avery Johnson’s Son Unloads On Twitter Following Dad’s Firing

Barclays CenterProfessional sports coaches get fired all the time, and generally adhere to a pretty standard set of protocols immediately after termination: Keep a low profile, don’t say anything too provocative, then maybe reveal more publicly much later on after media attention has died down.

But thanks to social media, ticked-off family members of deposed coaches have free reign — and ample audience — to say whatever they want.

That’s exactly what happened with young Avery Johnson Jr. on Twitter Thursday morning after his father was fired as coach of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. The Nets cut the elder Johnson loose after the team struggled in December, despite the fact that he was named the league’s coach of the month in November.

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Sports Media

Capitals Broadcast Teams Take Over High School Games During Lockout

NBC Sports Network-NHL LockoutAs the NHL Lockout surpasses the century mark in days, interest in hockey has continued to trickle down to AHL and college levels. But the Washington Capitals haven’t forgotten about high school teams.

The Capitals have given ten teams the opportunity to experience the atmosphere at an NHL game by bringing along personnel from broadcasters and public address announcers to team mascot Slapshot and cheerleaders Red Rockers to handle game day operations. Schools that get the most votes through a poll on the Capitals website will have their games showcased.

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Sports Jobs

Jobs In Sports Media: How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports

Jobs In Sports MediaSports media is certainly a well recognized niche sector within the larger sports industry. There are the larger media outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports, with jobs with these particular companies as arguably some of the most sought after jobs in sports media.

However, there are so many other additional job opportunities in sports media, whether it’s with a professional or collegiate team, a regional newspaper, or a media website.

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Sports Technology

MLS Pros Teach You How To ‘FIFA 13’

EA Sports FIFA 13Listening to DC United keeper Bill Hamid talk about “FIFA 13” tells you all you need to know about how serious MLS players are about the EA Sports soccer game — and why anyone who received it as a gift for the holidays should heed their advice.

“When I play ‘FIFA,’ I’ll grab a bite to eat, then dim the lights a little bit and turn on my surround-sound speakers,” says Hamid. “Turning on those speakers is my favorite part, because you hear the crowd. You hear the chants and songs. I like it as realistic as possible.”

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