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MLB World Series: Comparing the Teams via Social Media

Finally, we’re here.

The World Series.

There’s no greater stage in sports, no greater moment than the last out made each season, and no greater battle between the two teams than the one for…social media supremacy!

With the last two remaining teams having been decided and the World Series underway, we know how the teams match up on the field, but how do they compare off it? The Giants may have home field advantage thanks to the National League winning the All-Star Game, but that doesn’t necessarily give them the edge in the social media spectrum.

MLB World Series: Comparing the Matchups via Social Media

Detroit Tigers vs. San Francisco Giants

Tigers Twitter: 182,223 followers

    • Pennant Chase Growth: 138,012  followers on August 15

Giants Twitter: 338,336  followers

    • Pennant Chase Growth: 287,298 followers on August 15

Tigers Facebook: 1,117,413 likes

  • Talking about: 332,718

Giants Facebook:

  • Talking about: 430,053


Analysis:   #WhiteShark, #FreaKKKKK, #KungFuPanda, #PandaMODE, #RallyZito — these are all awesome hashtags that the San Francisco Giants Twitter uses for some of its players. The looseness that the Giants Twitter is run with is refreshing, yet informative, and simply more desirable. Detroit’s Twitter page is also more informative than most, yet it doesn’t offer as much of the kid-spirited joy of baseball that San Fran is skilled enough to evoke in its followers. Now, as of the beginning of the ALCS, there were 155,987 people talking about the Tigers on Facebook, compared to 332,718 to start the World Series. The Giants’ “talking about” number increased less than 60,000 from 375,922 to 430,053. This would appear to be a good sign for Detroit, but all it says to me is that San Francisco’s fans have been heavily invested right along, but Detroit’s are just now starting to tune in because they’ve made it this far. Advantage: Giants.


Comment below with how you think these two compare via social media, and make sure to like us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter @SportsNetworker

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