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5 Tips to Landing a Job in Sports Marketing

Get your foot in the door

Let’s get your foot inside of that door!

You want to work in sports marketing?  Unfortunately, so does everyone else.  It combines a passion that many people and want to be involved in sports with a way to be in it and actually make some money while you are doing it.

So how do you land that dream job?  I work for a radio station that is the flagship for Ohio State Football and Basketball.  Being an alum, I am often told by my friends from college how they would give anything to have that gig.  I try not to take it for granted because you realize how many people want to be in the sports marketing industry.

Below are five tips that you won’t find in any how to book or sports seminar about how to improve your chances of landing that J O B in Sports Marketing!

1. Write a Sports Blog

Begin writing about it.  Offer free valuable content to others about ways that you believe you can help improve ideas for teams, events, and anything else related to it in the sports marketing world.

Post your content, interact with others on social media and in the real world (yes I called it the real world) when you talking to someone face to face.

You do that, and you will become an expert in sports marketing.  Who wouldn’t want to hire an expert?  A great way to help stand out on your resume as well.  I began writing one almost three years ago and it has helped me become smarter, more valuable, and more experienced.

2. Stop Talking and Start Doing

95% of people who say they will do anything to land their dream job don’t ever do anything that actually counts as an attempt to land it.

Call the decision makers, send the gate keepers thank you cards, etc.  Stop talking about what you are going to do and start actually making attempts to do it.  You will be ahead of 95% of everyone else.

3. Pick out a HOT DOG STAND

A Hot Dog Stand is a metaphor for picking a team, company, or event that you truly love.  I worked at a hot dog stand in college and it taught me to never work at a job that I didn’t love.  So stop trying to be all things to all people and applying for every single sports marketing gig available.

What would make you full of passion every day if you got the chance to work there?  If you can’t name them in 30 seconds take them off your list.  If you name them then go after a job at that place with such intensity and zest that they will just hire you to have you stop bugging them about working there!

4. Show WHY not WHO

Tell the potential compaines or teams not WHO you are but WHY they should hire you.  GPA’s, past experience in other industries, good references, everyone has them!

They don’t care WHO you are but rather what you will do when you begin working there, the reason WHY should be filled with results, great outcomes, unbelievable energy, not grades, past heroics, or future goals.

5. Do something CRAZY!

Not stupid, I said crazy.  Stop following the status quo and walking in line.  Step out of line and get yourself noticed in a way that a potential employer will think they HAVE to have you working for them!

Be unique.  Stand Out.  But don’t be stupid.

Send a photo of yourself reading a different sports marketing book each week to your potential boss with a note saying “You are just passing the time until you start working there.”

Drop off a cake with a football going through goal posts with the words “I will score the touchdowns just put me in the game.”

Worst case scenario…you are exactly where you are now.  Not working there.  They are not going to put you in jail for sending a photo or a cake.  But they definitely aren’t going to hire you if they don’t see something in you that makes you different!

Reason Number 5 3/4: Start your own sports marketing consulting company

Tough.  But possible.  If you really are an expert you could always just do this.  I advise you have a pretty solid way to begin getting income immediately, prior experience and lots of contacts recommended!

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope this helps!  Remember you can’t just send out your resume and cross your fingers anymore.  Make noise and make things happen to get where you want to go!

What are your tips to landing a job in sports marketing? Comment below and send us a tweet @sportsnetworker

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2 Responses to 5 Tips to Landing a Job in Sports Marketing

  1. MarketingMikeR October 15, 2012 at 2:14 pm #

    @ChrisMcKinney @sportsnetworker thanks Chris! Got to stand out when looking for that gig

  2. GeoffTBlosat October 16, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    Great article! As a college student who has a huge passion for sports and wants to get involved in sports marketing in the future, I will definitely take these tips to the next level, such as revitalizing my sports blog as well as a number of other different things. 

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