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Sports Employment: Being The Friendly Grim Reaper

Have you ever considered what it would be like to tell a professional football player that he was losing his job?  Well, I just happen to know the answer, so pad up, sit down, and buckle in! The Employment Process All industries and companies have employees, and as a result, each entity must deal with…

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5 Tips to Landing a Job in Sports Marketing

Let’s get your foot inside of that door! You want to work in sports marketing?  Unfortunately, so does everyone else.  It combines a passion that many people and want to be involved in sports with a way to be in it and actually make some money while you are doing it. So how do you…

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The Most Powerful Exercise for Reaching Your Goal of Working in Sports

The single most-powerful mental exercise for achieving your sports career goal is visualization. This is how Harvey Mackay, author of the classic business book, Swim With the Sharks, describes visualization: “I came to realize that fantasizing, projecting yourself into successful situations, is one of the most powerful means there is to achieve personal goals.” Visualization is nothing new. You…

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#ClicheWednesday: Reaching New Goals

It may sound cliché, but I think everyone in the New Year should set out to try a few new things.  Hopefully people haven’t already derailed their 2010 plans! One of my former colleagues sent me a tweet last week wanting to promote #ClicheWednesday on twitter that day.  It was random, but knowing his use…

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