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Duke Basketball Program Thoroughly Embraces Tablet Sports Technology


Prior to the 2012 NCAA college football season, Duke University made the switch to an iPad playbook for its players, making it more convenient for them to watch game highlights, opponents’ film, and track individual statistics.

Now, the Blue Devils’ men’s and women’s basketball teams are both following suit, becoming the first program in the country to move to digital sports technology.

The basketball program is partnering with Baltimore-based company, Global Apptitude, to furnish the customized playbooks. Each iPad will be equipped with practice schedules, weekly itineraries, scouting reports, and a library of videos from practices and games.

“The Duke basketball program is always trying to equip our players and staff with the very best resources, and the introduction of the iPads is another step in that direction,” said associate head coach Steve Wojciechowski in a press release. “This new technology will help all of us work more efficiently and productively, while communicating at a higher level. We are very excited to involve the iPads in our day-to-day operations, evaluating our scouting, video analysis, schedule and game preparation.”

Some other college footbal programs like Stanford and Ohio State have transitioned to an iPad digital playbook, but the recent basketball news is the latest in sports technology. Will other powerhouse hoops programs like North Carolina and Kansas soon follow the Blue Devils’ lead?

Blue Devils Football Program On Sports Technology Bandwagon

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