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Interview with Patrick Bellanca – Lead Producer and Designer of EA Sports Madden NFL

Today was a real treat for me as I was able to interview Patrick Bellanca, one of the lead producers and designers of EA Sports Madden NFL. I’ve been a fan of the Madden series since I was a little kid, and it was a thrill to get an inside perspective on how the game is created and worked on. Along with a few inside looks at what we can expect from the Madden ’13 game set to his stores in August, Patrick talked about his current position at Electronic Arts, and how he fell in love with sports gaming.

Patrick knew he wanted to be involved in the video game industry at a young age, and took computer-related courses at Rochester Institute of Technology. After that, Patrick began working his way up the latter of EA by having a keen eye for design and the aesthetics people look for in gaming. Along with being a gamer at heart, Patrick is able to play a game both as a fan and as a designer, which is why he has been able to achieve the level of success that he has. As most of us have played a version of Madden at some point in our lives, learning how the game is improved year after year was great to hear first hand.

Patrick gave me a rare and unique look into sports gaming, and this interview will most assuredly provide useful for those who aspire to become game designers.

Patrick Discusses Sports Gaming, Madden NFL and What it Takes to be a Video Game Designer

During the interview, Patrick and I discussed:

  • How he was able to rise through the ranks of Electronic Arts and solidify his position in sports gaming
  • The new features in Madden ’13 and how they decided to implement them
  • How player ratings in Madden are determined
  • The path Patrick believes aspiring sports gaming professionals should take

Transcription from Patrick Bellanca Interview

What did you think of the interview with Patrick?  Would you like to have his job with EA Sports? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet @sportsnetworker!

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