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Sportsbiz Weekly Buzz – 12.2.21

The Sportsbiz Weekly Buzz is a collection of articles curated by Sports Networker’s Online Marketing Coordinator – Steve Richards 

Sports Business

How Much Is Linsanity Worth?

“Lin is the flavor of the week on Madison Ave., a mover of the stock market and a catalyst for a countless number of business proposal pitches. ‘This has crossed over to those who wouldn’t normally pay attention to sports,’ says Phil de Picciotto, president of sports marketing firm Octagon. ‘It has spilled out internationally.’ Some numbers that attest to Lin’s effect:”

UCF May Not Owe Full Conference USA Exit Fees Since League Dissolving

“Knights were slated to pay about $4.4 million in Conference USA exit fees before joining Big East on July 1, 2013”

Sports Networking

NCAA Sponsors IOC Luncheon To Celebrate Women In Sports

“A luncheon celebrating collegiate women’s athletics and the 40th anniversary of Title IX was sponsored today by the NCAA at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Conference on Women in Sport—a global conference in Los Angeles attracting more than 600 participants from more than 130 countries. This is the first time the United States has hosted the conference, which occurs every four years.”

Network Like You (Should) Date

“All too often, networking events feel like going to a bad singles’ mixer. There’s always that one guy racing around the venue, collecting contact info like it’s a contest. Or that one woman you just met who asks invasive premature questions about your work trying to decide if you’re the “one” (who can help her get a job). Or that one guy, who seems interesting at the event, but then calls you super early the next morning and wants you to commit (to buy his product) way, way too soon. And let’s not even talk about the people who stand too close or mention that their mom think they’re “such a catch” (and can’t understand why her baby doesn’t have a job!)”

Sports Marketing

NCAA Spells Dollars For Bridgeport

“With two major national sporting events coming to the Webster Bank Arena at Harbor Yard next month, Bridgeport officials and business leaders plan to pull out all the stops to impress both fans and venue coordinators.”

How Should Sports Sites Make Money?

“Since Mobile Sports Report ran a story and picture of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition this week (after all, it is a big story that the issue is available online), the whole discussion about how to drive traffic to sports sites and how online news sites make money off advertising got moved to a new level.” – This story is made by the two additional posts linked up in it – read those too.

Sports Sponsorship

Student Apparel Business Sponsors Amateur Athletes

“Amateur athletes around the world go undiscovered and unnoticed, but WEB, an apparel company and athlete support organization started in 2010 by a Grand Valley State University student, is trying to change that.”

Daytona 500 Build-up: More Sponsors Secured

“Through its EcoBoost engine brand, Ford is to sponsor the Roush Fenway Racing car of reigning Nascar Nationwide champion Ricky Stenhouse Jr in the Daytona 500, as well as having primary sponsorship on Matt Kenseth’s car at selected Sprint Cup races throughout the year. It has also agreed a deal to title sponsor the Nascar Nationwide race at Bristol Motor Speedway in March, while its paint scheme will appear at selected Nationwide races on Stenhouse Jr. and Trevor Bayne’s cars.”

Sports Sales

Revealed, The 4,000 Unsold Olympic Seats Going To U.S. Fat Cats… While Millions Of Britons Miss Out

“Days after a report criticised the Olympics organising committee Locog for secrecy about ticket sales and prices, at least 7,000 have been dispatched to CoSport, which supplies them in the U.S. and Australia. The CoSport website has a range of Olympics tickets available for U.S. customers. Its packages for the Games appear to have mark-ups that would make even London’s most notorious ticket touts wince with jealousy. It offers dozens of deals, about half of which have sold out – but for the right price you can still go to pretty much any event you want.”

Balancing Act: Can A Community’s Team Survive In A Corporate League?

“In their bid to remain a premier franchise in the 21st century National Football League, the Green Bay Packers are walking a tightrope unlike any other team in the league. To keep pace financially with wealthy owners such as the Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones, the fast-growing franchise has become bigger and more corporate. But in the arms race for revenue, the Packers must remain rooted in the small community that spawned the team and has kept it alive through sometimes dire financial times for the last 93 years.”

Sports Social Media

Four Winning Sports Social Media Marketing Campaigns You Can Learn From

“No matter the industry that your business is in, these social marketing players demonstrate that giving your customer base reasons to follow you on your social networks and engage with your brand can translate into brand reach and revenue. It’s becoming more and more important to the overall success of your company to have a strong social presence. Social provides an outlet for differentiating your brand on the web. Here are four examples of different sports organizations that are distinguishing themselves from other teams and athletic departments in social media marketing. The achievements of their marketing efforts have led to increased brand awareness and financial success.”

Twitterdom Remains A Minefield For Those In The Sports World

“Twitterdom remains a minefield for those in the sports world, especially for writers who should know better. Noted FOX columnist Jason Whitlock is the latest to trip up. Whitlock decided the best way to celebrate the exploits of NBA rookie sensation Jeremy Lin, who is a Californian of Chinese extraction, was to make a stereotyped sexual reference about Lin. Needless to say Whitlock’s attempt at wit fell flat when it was pointed out that he, as a black man, should be more sensitive to such juvenile sexual humor.” – This came before the Lin incident at ESPN as well. At some point jokes cross a line – it’s a shame the media hasn’t found that line with Jeremy Lin yet.

Sports Media

Bob Ryan, The One Of A Kind Boston Sports Media Icon

“Bob Ryan is truly one of a kind. The longtime sports columnist for The Boston Globe announced his intentions to retire after the Olympics this summer. Ryan’s career has been great, but he doesn’t receive the respect he’s deserved.”

Turner Broadcasting To Begin Charging For Madness Online

“March Madness is going over the top. Turner Broadcasting, which along with CBS Corp. shares the rights for the annual NCAA college basketball tournament, is going to offer its coverage of the event over the Internet for $3.99. The 64-team NCAA tournament runs about a month and ends in early April. The championship game often draws more than 20 million viewers. Previously, people could watch games for free on the NCAA website, but not anymore. Games that CBS carries will remain available for free online.”

Sports Technology

Sports Apps – Enhancing the Fan Experience

“Sports fans are an interested bunch, as they often live and die with the success of their favorite teams. And, when they have the ability to get more information than ever before, you can count on a “rush” of users that will make even the most veteran app programmer green with envy. Injuries happen, news breaks in an instant, and there is little that super-fans won’t do to get these details earlier than anyone else. This is why we are seeing a rapid increase in the amount of Android apps used by sports franchises and large universities to keep rabid fan-bases informed about pertinent information regarding their favorite athletic teams”

Sporting Innovations Gets Fast Company Ink For Stadium Technology

“Sporting Innovations, which we covered at the time of its launch in September, is a sports and entertainment technology company spun off from Kansas City’s Major League Soccer franchise, Sporting Kansas City. The company was established with the mission of enhancing the fan experience and delivering revenue growth opportunities for teams through integrated technologies. The Fast Company spread illustrates several of those technologies with a sizable infographic (scaled down above, with a link to the full-size image). A few of the highlights:”

Sports Jobs

Top Three Sports Reporter Job Skills (VIDEO)

“The “One Minute Drill” is a weekly video series full of tips and tricks for getting ahead in the sports broadcasting industry. In this edition, founder Brian Clapp provides shars the three most important skills for being a successful sports reporter. This is can’t miss content for any aspiring sports reporters!”

Sports’ Unsung Hero: The Athlete Relocation Agent

“With the Super Bowl signaling the end of pro football season, get ready for the spotlight to shift from the football field to the fate of the players themselves. Athletes’ lives get the added scrutiny of a merciless public who demand to know: Who will be traded? To what team? Where will they be moving next? Enter the athlete relocation agent”

Sports Events

NHL Trade Deadline: Each Team’s Most Valuable Trade Asset

“With the trade deadline fast approaching, buyers are trying to improve their teams for a final push toward the Stanley Cup Playoffs, while sellers are attempting to rebuild their teams for the future.  These next two weeks will shape the final months of the NHL regular season for contenders. We all remember how the Boston Bruins made key acquisitions last season during the trade deadline. Last year’s run for the Bruins and other key deadline acquisitions throughout the year exemplify the importance of the trade deadline. It won’t be surprising to see every single team involved in at least one trade. It’s an important time of year for contenders and cellar dwellers. Here are the most valuable trade assets for each team.”

Make NBA All-Star Game Worth Something

“Maybe Timberwolves big man Kevin Love was onto something when he said he’d like to see the NBA switch up one of the most boring games of the season.”

Is there anything we missed this week in the world of sports business? Let us know your thoughts about the Sportsbiz Weekly Buzz in the comments below and please feel free to share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

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