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NFL Sponsor Playoff Activation: Isn’t It Time To Upgrade?

NFL SponsorWith the Playoffs to date breaking all kinds of fan engagement records, the NFL is putting the finishing touches on an incredibly successful season. It appears that the resolution of the lockout, just in time to avoid losing any games on the field, led to records falling off the field on a seemingly weekly basis. There was unprecedented fan interaction at virtually every level, especially when analyzing engagement with the “Four Screens”: TV, Computer, Tablet and Phone.

All of this suggests a great environment for corporate partners to successfully activate their sponsorships, especially when their teams are in the Playoffs. And many did just that.

However, there seemed to be very few fresh ideas. In this day and age, are we really still limited to another Rally Towel?

Now, having worked for a pro sports team, I know as well as anyone the considerations that go into selecting fan premium items for the playoffs; and the two biggest are usually time and money: You want to keep the cost down to maintain your margin while knowing you need guaranteed delivery with a very short turnaround time.

In the past, this pretty much led everyone back to old reliable, the tried and true towel. But today, it seems both cost and time considerations would be better served by looking for inspiration in all of the digital bells and whistles at our disposal. And such a concept would likely result in a program that delivers a whole new level of quantifiable value for corporate partners and a unique engagement opportunity for fans.

And there may be some teams out there utilizing these assets already?? Let us know if you have examples of franchises that are doing a great job of taking advantage of online and/or social network assets to promote fan engagement in the post-season.

I look forward to ideas like this becoming the norm in the very near future.  Until then, there’s always towels.



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