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World Cup by Word of Mouth

Following on from my last article, The World Cup Brings Big Opportunities Brands, I’d like to keep the focus on the World Cup and highlight another great marketing campaign revolving around the tournament.

Last week I had the opportunity to catch up with a few members of the team from 1000heads, a word of mouth agency here in London, and one of the (many) things we spoke about was their 32 Dishes campaign.

For this campaign, 1000heads teamed up with freesat to help spread the message that they will be broadcasting the World Cup in HD across the UK.

To kick start some intrigue, 32 satellite dishes were installed around the UK in unexpected places, from buildings and boats to bikes and trees.

Each dish represents one of the countries taking part in this summer’s World Cup, as well as a question on These questions all relate to the countries involved in the World Cup and the answers are purposely made to be “un-Googleable,” which encourages users to share the questions, ask for help and create discussion – whether it’s on Twitter, in forums, or by just turning to the person next to them at work – to find the solutions.

This whole campaign revolves around word of mouth, and getting people talking about the Freesat brand and how they bring something fresh and different to the World Cup.

As Molly Flatt points out on the 1000heads blog offline conversation about brands is still what prompts us to search for them online, and this is one of the factors that I feel makes the 32dishes campaign a success.

The overall winner was Craig from Cumbria and he received a 46″ Sony freesat HD TV and a freesat  box with a built in Blu-ray recorder. When 1000 Heads caught up with him he said: “Thank you so much for this fantastic competition prize. The quiz was very hard, I did most of it myself but some of it was way out of my league, I called my dad for help and we worked on it together”. Craig is now looking forward to enjoying the World Cup in HD, courtesy of freesat and 32dishes.

This is certainly one of the most creative World Cup campaigns I’ve come across so far, and one that has raised a few eyebrows both online and offline.

What are the most creative World Cup campaigns you’ve come across?


Image by DanielVDM

Image by timo_w2s

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  1. ann October 18, 2018 at 10:22 pm #

    We love and hate similar posts. I know it’s okay to have differing opinions, and I won’t unfollow someone because we disagree a few times. But I love blogs that mostly agree with my thoughts on posts. That’s just because I don’t want to read about someone bashing a post that I adored, or praising a post that I despised. It puts me off! If it happens once in a blue moon, no biggie. But if we constantly have differing opinions, I just can’t click with the blog!


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