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Selling Tickets to the Family

jbrownellNothing is quite as powerful or as meaningful to a prospect as the benefits of ticket ownership for their children.  Talk about the benefits of tickets to them personally, and many will say OK… but talk to them about the benefits related to their children, and suddenly the purchase becomes much more personal and emotional.  Parents will often do WAY more for their children than they’ll do for themselves.

What kinds of things can you talk about regarding season tickets that can relate directly to a prospect’s family?  Here are a few examples:


  • “Imagine the look on your son’s or daughter’s face as they walk into the stadium for the very first time… the green grass, the smell of the concessions, the music playing before the game, the warm-ups they never got a chance to see on TV before.  What type of memories do you think they’ll have of that very first experience?  You’ll be able to give that to your family not just once, but for an entire season of memories together… and that’s time spent together that you’d never do otherwise.”


  • “Do you remember the very first pro basketball game you saw?  What was it?  Who brought you?  You’ll be able to provide that very same experience – and more! – with your children, as they experience the magic of the NBA live and in person… and the value I can offer you today makes it more affordable than ever.”


  • “If you’ve been working a little harder than normal, for some that means spending a little less time with your children.  What I’m suggesting is that maybe these seats would give you that opportunity you’ve been looking for to slow down, take the time you know you’d like to have with them, and do something that you all can enjoy together.  What is THAT kind of time together worth to you?”



  • “There’s only so much time we get to have as parents with our kids.  They grow up too fast, and unfortunately, before we know it, they’re off on their own, and we wished we would have spent more quality time with them.  I’m not saying you’re NOT spending that kind of time with them now… but what would these seats be able to provide you and your family as far as a chance to make fantastic memories together?”

These are the kinds of memories parents WANT to create for their children… memories that include everyone in the family, something they can all enjoy together.  In your sales efforts to parents, be sure that you touch on how your tickets can provide those memories for them.  It’s a true win-win-win for everyone involved!


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