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MyEyeSees72% Of Advertisers See More Digital Spending In 2010

By Erik Sass
  • A regional survey of 8,500 senior advertising, marketing and media executives by Round2 Communications found that 72% predict they will increase their spending on digital media in the coming year.
  • Along with the good news for digital media, the survey (which focused on executives from companies headquartered in the Western U.S.) delivered some bad news for traditional: 86% of the respondents say they expect their spending on traditional media — including broadcast TV and radio and print newspapers and magazines — to remain even (45.7%) or decline (40.3%) in 2010.
  • But despite all the negative publicity, it’s worth noting that print still garners the lion’s share of media spending, with 47% of those surveyed saying print is their single biggest media investment.

Recession’s Silver Lining: TV Usage On The Upswing

By Wayne Friedman
  • A research study from business consultant/researcher Deloitte says there has been a 26% increase in TV usage over a year ago.
  • In a recession-related trend, the study finds that 72% of Americans say they have reduced purchases of other entertainment, including movies, concerts, sporting events, DVDs, CDs and video games.
  • Overall, 70% of survey 2,046 respondents rank TV watching among their top three favorite media activities.

TwitVid Offers Real-Time Video Search And Analytics For Twitter


By Laurie Sullivan
  • on Monday unveiled real-time video search and video analytics, along with virtual gifting.
  • The company, which debuted in May as a basic video upload tool, competes today with Twitmatic, TwitLens, Twitc, Tweetube, among others.
  • The real-time video search feature serves up the most popular videos on Twitter as they’re posted. The San Francisco-based search engine aggregates all TwitVid and YouTube video links currently being shared on Twitter.
  • Mo Adham, co-founder of, wants to build a search tool inside TwitVid that would bring in videos from across the Web and rank them according to geography, time and popularity.

NBA Sets Sites On India’s Love Of Game

By Karl Greenberg
  • The Basketball Federation of India (BFI) says that with 4 million active hoops participants, the sport is the fastest-growing in India.
  • Hoping to capitalize on that, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is launching its first-ever online and mobile sites, sponsored by Reebok and HP.
  • The Web site will contain games, video highlights, select Hindi content, player blogs and original columns from two India-based NBA journalists.
  • The league is also running a grassroots program, similar to programs it is doing in other Asian countries and working with the BFI to develop a fan base through a separate Web site.

Gatorade Planning Another Facelift, New Products in 2010


By Natalie Zmuda
  • Gatorade is looking to innovate itself out of a sales slump and will spend some $30 million on product and packaging development to do so
  • The company plans to offer three types of products, including two new beverages. New products will include Prime, which will be sold in 4-ounce pouches and come in three flavors. Prime is meant to be consumed just before exercise and includes carbohydrates, sodium and potassium. Recover, another new product, is meant to be used after exercise and will be sold in 16.9-ounce bottles, with three flavors and 16 grams of whey protein. Products to be consumed during exercise include the existing Thirst Quencher and G2 beverage lines.


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