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Online Sales Executive

About Sports Networker is the #1 resource online for Sports Business Professionals looking for the latest information on how to take their sports career to the next level.  We cover a number of topics including Sports Business, Sports Networking, Sports Marketing, Sports Sponsorship, Sports Sales, Sports Events, Sports Technology, Sports Social Media and Sports Jobs. reaches a network of over 150,000 sports executives and continues to grow everyday.  We also manage the largest sports business group on Linkedin – Sports Industry Network with over 128,000+ members and provide advanced content and training in our exclusive membership site – Sports Executives Association.

Job Description

The ONLINE SALES EXECUTIVE is responsible for selling the online advertising inventory for Sports Networker.  The responsibilities of your role will include parnter research, sales pipeline management, social selling, cold calling, proposal preparation and sales fulfillment. Your role will be a critical part of our success and you’ll be clearly instructed on how to proactively find partners, provide solutions to their needs and ultimately, close online sales.

The ONLINE SALES EXECUTIVE role includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Researching target companies and decision makers within specified industries and territories
  2. Cold calling and prospecting via email
  3. Conducting structured phone calls to qualify leads
  4. Following up with prospects and nurturing those that are not yet qualified
  5. Reporting on sales pipeline
  6. Daily feedback and discussion on interesting leads
  7. Conducting online meetings and presentations via online screen sharing software
  8. Group presentations with the Sales Manager to larger prospects
  9. Preparing proposals and quotations
  10. Following up with prospects and nurturing them
  11. Negotiating payments terms
  12. Offering a level of customer care during set-up stage
  13. Closing and ensuring that all requirements are in place

As an ONLINE SALES EXECUTIVE, the majority of your time will be spent working remotely and collaborating with Sports Networker management using multiple online communication tools including Google Hangout, Google Docs and SugarSync. The ONLINE SALES EXECUTIVE will report to the COO.

Qualifications, Skills & Requirements

Sports Networker is looking for an ONLINE SALES EXECUTIVE with a passion for selling and desire to achieve results. 

You are solution-oriented, able to identify a business’ needs and objectives and a world-class networker.

You are an expert promoter who exudes enthusiasm about digital marketing. Your clients trust you because you set them up for success and treat their advertising campaign as if it were for your very own business.

You are hungry for success because you are a relentless at cold calling, generating leads and are a sales champion.

Qualifications & Skills

  1. Command of English Language: Speak, Read and Write English Very Well
  2. Excellent General Computer Skills (Browsing, Social Networking, Searching, Typing Skills, etc.)
  3. Experience with Document Building: Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Databases, Google Docs, etc.
  4. Demonstrated proof of social media experience, engagement and relationship building
  5. Positivity: people feel enthusiasm and emulate it. “See solutions, not problems” is our mantra we encourage openness and idea generation.
  6. Drive: you should have the tenacity required for the highs and lows of a sales environment as well as ambition and self-motivation
  7. Professionalism: in a B2B environment we expect you to have the right attitude and behaviours to be able to discuss business processes and challenges with the companies you’re prospecting. Your professionalism should also shine through in the quality of your work
  8. Thoughtfulness: think about the tasks you’re completing, the pitch you’re using, the results you’re getting and improvements which could be made to your own behaviour and the company processes. We also want you to fit into our culture of thoughtfulness for those around you, your prospects and the company


  1. Access to your own Computer and High Speed Internet
  2. Willingness to join an exciting team with ambitions for growth in our company
  3. Willingness to learn quickly and to be trained on in-demand skills
  4. You should be a self starter, able to work independently and meet deadlines
  5. You never give up and always pick yourself up when faced with rejection
  6. Tenacious enthusiasm for online sales, customer service and supporting team members
  7. B2B sales experience is a plus but not essential
  8. CRM system experience is a plus but not essential

Additional Information

THIS IS A COMMISSIONED SALES ROLE that requires a passion for selling, tireless hustle, attention to details and the ability to meet all deadlines and budget requirements. You will have the opportunity to earn an above average income by selling our available ad inventory that includes website banners, newsletter banners, social mentions, social branding, social reward contests and email marketing solutions.

If you are passionate about working in sports and have the drive to succeed as a commissioned sales person……this opportunity will give you every opportunity you need to earn an above average income while doing something you love.

Application Form Instructions

If you are up for the challenge, we encourage you to apply for the ONLINE SALES EXECUTIVE role by completing the application form below.  Applications will be reviewed by Sports Networker management and selected candidates will be asked to schedule an interview. Please follow these instructions to complete your application.

IMPORTANT: Incomplete applications will not be considered

  1. Please complete this form in it’s entirety.
  2. Items marked with a * will cause the form to fail to complete.
  3. If you don’t have information for any of these fields, please put N/A (Not Available)
  4. Include in your Cover Letter the following:
    1. Providing examples of your ability to meet (and exceed) sales goals
    2. Tell us what excites you most about commissioned sales
    3. Explain why we should choose you over everyone else for this role.

 Application Form

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