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Shooting a Good Sports Image for Social Media

One of the biggest problems I faced when working with corporate clients in media was convincing them of the importance of using only quality photographs to help convey their brand correctly. I can never understand why businesses and sports persons will spend thousands on ‘flash websites’ but never invest a few hundred dollars in a…

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Interview with the Player Participation Crew

This week Matt Crevin of Voice of the Box interviews the player participation crew. Each team within the NFL has a crew like this at work to document every play. They determine which players are in each and every play from scrimmage. Learn about this behind the scenes role with a heavy emphasis on sports…

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Interview with Corky Truin of the Seattle Seahawks

This week’s Voice of the Box interview is with Corky Truin, team photographer for the Seattle Seahawks. Corky discusses what its like to bring his two passions of photography and sports together. Learn some helpful tips on how to break into sports photography while gaining insight into this specialized role within the NFL.

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