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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 10.07.13 – 10.14.13

This week in #SportsBiz sees Coca Cola marketing culture to local FIFA fans.  Also, FIFA is getting a huge amount of requests for World Cup tickets, Fox unveils new technology for the MLB Postseason, the Red Bull World Series will be televised this year, and TV goes social with Comcast.  Be sure to stay in…

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Red Bull #GivesYouWings

2013 World Of Red Bull Commercial Highlights The Brand’s #GivesYouWings Motto

With the recent turn of the calendar, Red Bull is showing its fans how to be fearless and conquer their dreams. The energy drink brand collected their most epic moments from 2012 and beyond in the new World of Red Bull video, which you can view below. The video — which highlights Red Bull’s #GivesYouWings…

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7 Lacrosse Players on Twitter You Should Follow

Guest Post submitted by Anna Hicks Social media has made it easier for fans to follow favorite lacrosse players from the top National College Athletic Association (NCAA) Divisions into professional league play. Many of the best players to ever hold lacrosse shafts maintain active Twitter accounts. The tweets that are sent can be informative, insightful and often really…

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Why the PGA Tour Needs the “Golf Boys”

By now, the world has heard the story of Bubba Watson. After winning the 2012 Masters in dramatic fashion, Bubba Watson turned the golf world upside-down. Watson has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated (a rarity for someone not named Tiger or Phil these days), made an appearance on the Late Show with David…

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Social Media Marketing Agency Co-Founders Discuss Their Path To Success In Sports

If you are an active follower of trends in social media and sports, then it’s likely that you’ve noticed some of the cutting-edge social media campaigns that Red Bull has launched over the past few years. Red Bull continuously pushes the envelope by implementing creative campaigns that integrate the latest social media tools while leveraging…

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The Powerful Reach of Sports Marketing

Today’s media environment is highly fragmented. For brands, the challenge of reaching consumers is becoming increasingly difficult. Even if a brand can reach its consumers, making them sit still and pay attention to the message is key. This is where sports is so powerful. Sports generates so much free publicity. Due to its live and…

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