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sports social media

Sports Social Media: ESPN in the Top Ten

Unless you live under a rock or are you’re some strange visitor from Mars, you’ve probably heard of this little thing called ESPN. The global cable televison network was founded by Bill and Scott Rasmussen and Ed Eagan in 1979 under the direction of CEO and eventual first commissioner of the United States Football League…

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The Quiet Truth About NFL Free Agency

On March 12 the NFL will open the stage to its version of some high stakes bidding wars. The new 2013 League Year begins on March 12, and it marks the first day teams are free to begin signing free agents from other teams. Teams, players, agents, fans, and the media look forward to this…

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sports business

Sports Business: New Channel Launch for ESPN Star Sports

In the world of sports business, ESPN STAR Sports is set to launch a new channel, marketing directly to the Indian sub-continent. The launch keeps in mind the growing need for Indian sports fans and the sports most liked and specific to them. The new channel named STAR Sports 2 will officially launch on March…

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