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retired athletes and painkillers

Retired Athletes and Addiction

Retirement is a huge life transition for a professional athlete. The majority of retired athletes have been competitors all their lives — it’s what they know. It’s what they do. featuGiven the uncertainty and emotions that can come with retirement, it isn’t surprising to find that a number of pro athletes battle addiction once they’re…

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NBA Social Playoffs: And The Winner Is?

What if the NBA Championship wasn’t decided on the court, but rather from social media follower numbers? This infographic done by The Score, takes all on court performance out the window and shows who would win the NBA Championship if it was determined by social media. Here is the breakdown of the winner of the…

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Athletes on Twitter: A Branding Guide

This is a guest post from Thomas Stone.Recently SportsNetworker counted down the Top Five Most Followed Athletes on Twitter. Sure, they have a lot of followers, but influence is a totally different story. Athletes can influence their followers, no matter the number, based on the way they present themselves. Their followers will either listen to…

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