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This is How You Get a Job in Sports

There are lots of different ways to get a job in sports. But if you have zero contacts, no experience and you’re literally starting from scratch, there’s one sure-fire way to get your foot in the door and ultimately land your first job in sports. That’s what I’m going to share with you today. No…

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The Essential Guide To Watching Football On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day of wild amounts of food, crazy family members, afternoon food-naps and the unpacking of seasonal decorations. But one thing brings everything together nicely – seemingly wrapping turkey-day in a big bow – NFL football. However football, like food, doesn’t just come served on a silver platter without the prep-work. It is…

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A Proven Networking Tactic For The Sports Industry

As you know, social media can be an excellent platform for launching your sports career. Especially when you learn how to connect with key executives who make hiring decisions. Social media goes hand-in-hand with a powerful – and proven – networking tactic I call Direct Networking. Direct Networking is where you network (directly!) with the person…

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How to Break Into Your Sports Career Zone With More Confidence

Pain. Stress. Frustration. We’ve all been there. Especially when it comes to getting into our sports career zone – or lack there of. Today I’m going to share with you a simple two-step tactic that will calm your fears, ease your mind and put you on track to launch a successful career in the sports…

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Top 5 Tech Savvy Arenas

Stadiums and arenas around the world are known for their home teams. Other components like seating, cleanliness and traffic take a backseat – all components except technology. While there is nothing like going to see your favorite team in their home stadium, having the ability to stay connected while there makes all the difference. But…

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Vote for the next Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are some of the most recognized cheerleaders in all of sports, right up there with the Laker Girls. They may even be some of the most recognizable sports entertainers off the field; sorry mascots of the world, but they’ve got more moves then all of you combined. Everyone knows who they…

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Your Team Needs to up its Game on Social Media

On Sunday, I unLIKED the Tampa Bay Lightning on Facebook. Why? Because every time I would log on they’d give me a piece of news and ask me to LIKE it, in big, capital letters, as if I needed to be educated on how to press the LIKE button. When brands do this, regardless of…

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The Ultimate Social Media In Sports Showdown: Pittsburgh Steelers v. Dallas Cowboys

The digital teams from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys have combined forces in a joint social media in sports initiative for Sunday’s game at Cowboys Stadium. The winner of the #socialshowdown will be determined by the team that accumulates the most combined Twitter followers and Facebook ‘Likes’ between now and the end of their…

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NFL vs. EPL: Who Wins The Social Media Playoffs? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Football versus, well, football. The National Football League is widely popular within the United States while English fútbol (soccer) is a global phenomenon, with one of Europe’s best known leagues being the English Premier League. So, according to social media, what league comes out on top? Granted, this isn’t an exact science comparing the two…

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Manchester ‘U’ Tops Forbes’ List of World’s 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams (Infographic)

Forbes just recently released its annual Top 50 list of the world’s most valuable sports teams, with the National Football League holding the most places (32) of any professional league. Yet, once again, English soccer powerhouse Manchester United claimed the No. 1 spot with a $2.33 billion price tag with Real Madrid followed closely at No. 2 for…

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Six Unique Holiday Themed Sports Promotions

With the holiday season fast approaching there are plenty of professional teams out there looking to help out worthy causes through Facebook promotions. In some cases the worthy cause is their own organization, but everything is relative I guess. In this piece we will look at 6 different ways teams are trying to raise money…

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How to Find a Job in the Growing Sports Industry

According to the SportsBusiness Journal, the Sports Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States with nearly $250 billion in revenue annually. That makes it bigger than the U.S. Auto Industry and 10 times larger than the Motion Picture Industry. What does that mean to you? It means there’s an enormous amount of…

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