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It’s a Numbers Game – Sports Vanity Toll Free Numbers

We all know there are numerous ways to brand your sports business.  From a professionally designed and well optimized website, to having consistent social networking usernames across a variety of social media platforms, you are well on your way to promoting your brand. With a passion for domain names over the years, I have been…

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Athlete Branding & Owning a Domain Name

Why an athlete should care about their domain name and personal brand. As long as domain names have been around, professional athlete domain names have been valued property by domain speculators (domainers), cyber squatters, and sports fans.  If you do a whois search for most professional athletes, no matter what the sport, chances are that…

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Where To Find Sports Domain Names

The domain name industry has come a long way in the last 20 years.  In the early 1990s, an individual needed to write in and request a domain name and there was a limit of five names.  A few years later, Network Solutions came on the scene and you could register a domain name, but…

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Athlete Web Design with Tim Evans

I am constantly amazed at the lack of presence a number of high level professional athletes have online.  Many of the players are missing out on a bigger opportunity to have a great website, and drive fans to their hub, however, a lot of them don’t even own their domain name.   I’ll share more reasons…

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Professional Athlete Branding with Amy Martin

Let’s face it.  Many big time athletes are starting to build and expand their brand to new audiences by connecting with fans on social networks.  Shaq and Lance Armstrong are two all-stars who are using Twitter and Facebook and seeing great results.  They are doing a fantastic job, but a lot of it has to…

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