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Overtime Post – Thanksgiving for Sports Fans

It was business for me as usual this week since I celebrated Thanksgiving last month, although I wouldn’t mind a second helping of turkey. Regardless,  I want to do a short list of things that I’m thankful for this year as a sports fan. Vancouver 2010 Olympics: Not only was it the time of my…

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Interview with Martine Yen on Sports and Technology

I had the pleasure of meeting Martine at a local sports tweetup where I first heard about the Hockey Community. Along with her two roommates, they have used their passion for sports and technology to create an online social community where hockey players of all levels can find open rinks and players to play with….

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The Power of Social Media in Grass Roots Sports

The opportunities social media provides to pro sports teams and athletes are well documented, but I feel social media also provides massive opportunities for amateur and semi-pro teams.

A lot of the conversation around sports and social media focuses on the idea that teams already have a massive following they can just tap into This isn’t often the case for grass roots teams though, many teams need to build their followings up from scratch and social media is a great way to do this. However, in order for social media to be successful it must be approached in the right way.

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