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March Madness: 26% Use Mobile as Main Viewing Device

March Madness is certainly becoming a more interactive Sports viewing experience in the last few years. Although it’s not quite on the same level of the Super Bowl and the NFL, it is certainly becoming very competitive in the amount of revenue it produces, especially for this year’s Final Four host city. The one area of improvement that would certainly help set March Madness on the next level would be vast improvements in the Social Media and online fan interaction. A Mashable post a few days ago,, goes into detail about the lack of Social Media in the tournament in comparison to say the NFL etc. When FGCU began getting attention from fans online, they had under a relatively small amount of followers on Twitter. Now they’ve more than doubled their online fan base from the media attention they’ve gained from the tournament, hopefully they use good Social Media skills to keep these new fans engaged.

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