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Guest Post: The Stadiums of the Future

Awesome post! I’ve seen a lot of new, and pre-existing Arenas and Stadiums incorporate more technology focused on improving the fans experiences when they go to see games. While some, like Sporting Park, are doing a great job and have made great overall improvements others are slow to get the ball rolling.

I think something as simple as having free or even low cost WiFi access for the public would do wonders in improving the overall experience for fans. When I attend sports games, I tweet the score and updates live. The reception in the Arena is usually pretty bad, so having free WiFi that I could access would go a long way for me and I’d want to go to more games. Social Media interaction is a large part of why many fans don’t feel the need to attend games to interact with other fans and support their team but my integrating that into the in-arena experience would draw them back.

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