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College Athletes Attempt to Form a Union With The NLRB

In case you missed it, on January 28th current and former NCAA student-athletes filed a petition in Chicago with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in attempt to be recognized as employees of the NCAA and its institutions. ESPN’s Outside The Lines first reported that Ramogi Huma, president of the College Athlete Players Association (CAPA), filed…

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NFL Concussions Settlement Halted

On August 29, 2013, the National Football League and more than 4,500 retired football players agreed to settle the NFL concussions lawsuit that former players filed against the NFL back in July of 2011. The former NFL players alleged that the league failed to conceal the risks created by concussive and sub-concussive head injuries. The retired…

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HGH In Sports: Should It Be Legal?

I previously wrote about a possible issue of human growth hormone (HGH) use in the NBA. About two months later, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban stated that he thinks that HGH should be regulated in the NBA, as a step in an athlete’s recovery process. As an NBA owner and an entrepreneur, Cuban has every…

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Jameis Winston Off on Sexual Assault Charges: But It Doesn’t End There

On December 5, 2013, Florida State Attorney Willie Meggs announced on national television that Florida State quarterback, and Heisman hopeful, Jameis Winston would not be charged with sexual assault. The allegations surrounding this situation were hazy to begin with, and ended uncomfortably with laughter at the final press conference with Meggs. The alleged assault occurred…

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4 Facts in NBA Contracts You May Not Have Known

The NBA, like other professional sports, has a uniformed player contract for each player in the NBA. These contracts may be altered with approval of the NBPA. Below are some new or interesting provisions within a NBA contracts that caught my attention. 4 Facts in NBA Contracts You May Not Have Known Section 5: Conduct,…

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Hazing vs. Harassment: Legal Options In The Jonathan Martin Situation

For just over the last week, the circus that has become the Miami Dolphins has been on a crazy roller coaster ride. Facts of the situation have been unclear. And to this day, the facts of this situation are still unclear, as different information is becoming available everyday. However, there is a current timeline that…

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Law Jobs In Sports: 11 Career Paths

I previously wrote about how you can get into Sports Law and explained how sports law is a concept of law that is extremely broad. Pursuing law jobs in sports are even broader, as I am currently experiencing. Most people think pursuing a career in sports law means becoming an agent for professional athletes. As I…

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EA Sports Settles With College Athletes Over Likeness

“We have been stuck in the middle of a dispute between the NCAA and student-athletes who seek compensation for playing college football. . .For our part, we are working to settle the lawsuits with the student-athletes.” This was a statement from Electronic Arts (EA) Sports GM of American football, Cam Weber, regarding EA Sports’ recent decision to…

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HGH In The NBA: Is It An Issue?

Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs) are becoming more prevalent in the sports industry, whether it is in international competitions like the Olympics, or in American sports like the football and baseball. PEDs are most commonly thought of as steroids, but PEDs come in other forms, such as stimulants and sedatives. Human growth hormone (HGH) is a…

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Law School And Beyond: How to get into Sports Law

Sports law is a concept of law that is extremely broad. Sports law is the understanding and advancement of various legal practices including contract law, labor law, tort law, and antitrust law. Just like the professional sports, the sports law industry is difficult to break into, and even more difficult to become successful at. There…

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Does Aaron Hernandez Deserve $82,000?

“On behalf of all players, its our responsibility to protect the rights in the collective bargaining agreement. We are not tone-deaf to what the allegations are in this case, but for the benefit of all players, there are important precedents here we must protect.” This is the statement the National Football Player’s Association (NFLPA) issued…

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Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel Allegations: Who’s to Blame?

The Saga of Johnny Manziel – AKA Johnny Football Imagine working for a company for three or four years in your early twenties. Now imagine working for that same company which controls the use of your name and likeness while you are an employee. If you use your name or likeness for your own profit,…

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