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Not An Athlete? Try These 5 Sports Jobs

So, you want a career in sports but can’t throw a ball, make a basket or form tackle to save your life. What do you do? You get creative.

There are dozens of sports jobs available in today’s world that have nothing to do with getting geared up and running across a field. If you want to work in sports but aren’t blessed with cat-like reflexes or the ability to run a two-minute mile, here are a few of those sports jobs that you may enjoy:

5 Sports Jobs To Help You Do What You Love

1. Broadcasting

sports jobsIf you take athletes out of the equation, sports broadcasters are perhaps the best-known figures in professional sports. From Brent Musburger to Jim Nantz to Mike Tirico, people who had no prior experience in professional sports are truly making a name for themselves.

You can give fans a play-by-play of the game from behind a microphone in the best seat in the house. You may broadcast over the radio, the television or even the web. If you have a knack for speaking and love sports more than the average fan, broadcasting may be the perfect job for you.

2.Public Relations

We’ve all seen famous athletes in the news doing things they’d rather not be remembered for. If you have a knack for a spin move away from the football field or basketball court, a career in public relations may be a good fit.

These professionals ensure that a team and its players are seen in the best light, even when they don’t make the best decisions. You will also be tasked with the job of controlling just how much information is shared about each player. While some players really are as personable as they seem, others will present more of a challenge, making this an exciting career opportunity.

3. Sports Psychologist

The video above showcases the importance of sports psychology, whether it be the Olympics, the World Series, or a high school football game. Psychology is no doubt an essential part to success in sports these days.

It will require several years in college, but a career as a sports psychologist can be incredibly rewarding. It will combine your love of helping people with your passion for sports.

As a psychologist working for or with a sports team, you will be asked to help players get over stage fright, mentally prepare for competition, and deal with personal and professional problems. You may be asked to evaluate new players and help retiring players adjust to life without the game.

4. Franchise Accountant

Who knows if a team owner has the money to recruit a star player? The team’s accountant, that’s who. If you have a mind for numbers, are ultra organized, and want to be involved in sports, acting as a franchise, team or personal accountant can be your way in.

Accountants help control expenditures, determine budgets and handle payroll. You may be responsible for filing taxes and keeping track of the team’s financial status. You’ll be amazed at just how respected a position you find yourself in.

5. Coach

sports jobs

You can’t run a two-minute mile, but what if you used to be able to? Maybe you can’t score a three-pointer with that bad rotator cuff, but you used to sink them with abandon. If your talents are only tempered by your physical ability, share your knowledge and passion with a new group of talented individuals. Don’t think that because your skills have waned that you don’t know how to play the game. Coaching is an excellent job, although it’s often one wrought with as much frustration as jubilation.

Play The Odds!

There are over a million high school football players in the nation. Of those, just over 65,000 go on to play college football. Of those, a mere 255 are drafted into the NFL. Are you getting the picture? Your chances of playing professional sports are incredibly slim, but your chances of working in the field are outstanding with the right experience and education. Don’t give up your dream of working in professional sports just because you aren’t a star athlete.

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