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Sports World Sends Support To ESPN’s Stuart Scott Via Twitter Following News Of His Bout With Cancer

Stuart Scott-ESPNEarlier this week, ESPN’s Stuart Scott announced via twitter that he is unfortunately battling cancer for the third time.

The Chicago, Ill. native was first diagnosed with the deadly disease about six years ago; Scott underwent chemotherapy and was free and clear until 2011 when doctors discovered tumors in his small intestine.

Now, as of this past Monday, the well-respected Scott is in another bout with cancer.

Following his announcement on twitter, Scott received a wealth of support from the sports community.

Scott joined ESPN 20 years ago for the launch of ESPN2, and has consistently grown into one of the networks’ favorites among fans, fellow media members, and athletes.

Stuart Scott Discloses News of Cancer’s Resurgence

Athletes, Entire Sports World Reaches Out To Stuart Scott


Photo Credit: ESPN Media Zone

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