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Question Effectively to be Successful in Sports

If You ‘__?__’ Effectively, You Will Be Successful in Sports:

  • Sport Executives get offered their top job because they __?__.
  • Most entry-level sports sales associates are able to break into the sport industry because they __?__.
  • If a candidate for a collegiate Athletic Director position doesn’t __?__, how would a college even know about their multi-talented capabilities?
  • If you don’t __?__, you have to work twice as hard to build a solid trusting relationship with clients.
  • I’d rather have to start a new client base new each year OR I’d rather __?__ and have qualified clients connecting with me directly.

The Answer?

I guarantee if you Network efficiently, you will be successful in sports. While I do believe sales and revenue is a portion of the level of success you can achieve, without networking you might strive to no avail. A guarantee is a strong word wouldn’t you agree?

When you simply pass out your business card, follow on Twitter, or connect on LinkedIn, what type of networking success are you hoping to achieve? They don’t yet know you, you are a name on a card, and why would they refer or recommend you for anything? BE AUTHENTIC, MEMORABLE and ENGAGED!


  • Stay Connected

Find all of our clients and other industry professionals on a site like LinkedIn and Twitter.

LinkedIn allows you to keep all of your connections engaged. Need some advice on best practice in your industry – why not reach out to others within your network? The reverse is also true – every week you are updated with any new changes in your network from industry contacts to local clientele.

Twitter allows you to be instantly updated with the new ins and outs of an organization, in addition to the movers and shakers within them.

  • Display Your Skills To Others

Find opportunities to share your successes, skills, and abilities with others. Don’t be limited to your current environment and simply wait for the dream opportunity to appear.

The How? LinkedIn group interactions are a great place to start.

More Advanced? Read job descriptions of your dream role in sports. Do you have all of those qualifications, and if not, what can you do today to acquire them?

  • Interact with your Connections

Crazy thought right? Where can I start? LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Updates, Email, Twitter, or even by Phone.

Every time you connect with someone try to have a plan in place to stay engaged. Try not to reach out only when you NEED something. Do you even know if they like your sport? GO ASK!

  • Participate in Industry Specific Forums and Conferences

Staying current on industry topics and research helps you stay ahead of the curve. Become a resource for others.

A great place to meet others who have the same loves and pains as you do. Those you meet here can become trusted confidants for conversations you might not be able to have within your own organization. Heck, they might know a great opportunity higher up they can recommend to you!

Continue the conversation below by including the best method for others to connect with you.

Also include: Do you network and why? If you don’t network, then tell us why? ANY other advice you might add to this Do’s list for others.   Hashtag #SportsBiz

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2 Responses to Question Effectively to be Successful in Sports

  1. lifeofriley29 June 16, 2011 at 12:26 am #

    It’s so important to stay in touch with people in sports. It really can go a long way. You have to take a genuine interest in other people’s lives, not just what they do from 9 to 5. It’s really been a lot of fun figuring out how to network in sports. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You never know where opportunity will arise.

    Recently, I have discovered the benefits of participating in discussions on LinkedIn. There are some great groups out there for both people aspiring to work in sports as well as sports professionals. I have already made some connections that would not have come about otherwise. The same goes for attending sports conferences. I have also met and maintained relationships with people I met there. These are great tips, Kristen! Keep up the good content. If you get a chance, check out my blog about breaking into sports where I talk about similar subjects. Here is the link:

  2. Kristen Sonsma June 16, 2011 at 10:56 am #

    @lifeofriley29 I appreciate your feedback and glad to see networking working so great for you too! In works well for any industry, but definitely in sports.

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