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Are Fantasy Sports A Distraction in the Office?

Our friend and valued SEA member Ryan Parr recently did some research on a big issue in fantasy sports. As CEO of Fantazzle Fantasy Sports, he regularly hears about how Fantasy Football ‘is a waste of time’ or ‘promotes decreased productivity’. Obviously, as a company passionate about the world of fantasy sports, Fantazzle decided to set out and see if there was any truth behind the claim that fantasy sports is a workplace distraction with a white paper. In there, they several aspects of the workplace including:

  • Defining Workplace Productivity
  • Distractions vs Breaks
  • Learning While At Rest

It is a fascinating read on one of the fastest growing areas in the sports industry. It was originally posted on their blog, but for your convenience, we’ve uploaded it to Scribd below the fold.

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports: Fantasy Football is not a Workplace Distraction

Do you play fantasy sports at the office? Does it distract you from your productivity or give you the mental boost it needs to keep yourself grounded? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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