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Redefine Your Passions

Alex PylyshynWe hear it in sports business all the time. Passion. It seems to go hand in hand with sports and it’s paralleled in business.  You see it on resumes and ad campaigns. defines passion as a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire; and though it’s a noun to be effective in your career it must be more of an adverb.  And by that I mean, it has to have action!

Everyone I know has a passion for something.  However, it is a lot easier to say than to perform.  I tend to believe passion is something to be seen and not heard.  Think of people you know who have a great passion for what they do, I’m guessing they don’t walk around talking about it much.  I try to surround myself with people who live a passion, and don’t just preach one.  It is much easier to learn from those who live a passion.  The details and what helped them achieve their successes will be prevalent.

As sports careers go, as in life, the roller coaster goes up and down.  At times I find people, me included, need to be analytical of what their passions are and what they have evolved into.  Having a better sense of your personal passions will lead to better communication, better time management and better opportunities.   As career paths change and new challenges arise, don’t loose focus of your core passions.  If they are true to you and the organization, these challenges will fall by the wayside.  Passion has no ceiling, and those who display it will be noticed, those who talk about it, probably won’t be.

marcin.biodrowskiOnce your passions are defined, make a plan on how to set your path of passion on fire. True passions are near the very core of who we are, and when inspired those they can lead you to exceed expectations of yourself and your organization.  In your plan, make mental check points that keep you on track.  It is when you tap into your core energy and really know what your passions are, that you can live it and be known for it.  It is hard to convey passion by simply placing it on a resume.

A former teammate of mine had a saying that we used as our defensive motto in college. I feel it applies to passion for what we do as well.  “Don’t talk about it, be about it!”


Image by Alex Pylyshyn

Image by Marcin.Biodrowski

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