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Why Most People Fail to Land a Job in Sports

One of the hardest jobs to land in sports (other than a GM position in the NFL) is that very first job out of college. Why? Because when you’re just starting out, you don’t know anyone. No one knows you. And you’re unproven. Plus, the sports business experience you have is either lacking, or irrelevant….

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How To Get A Job In Sports with SF Giants Bryan Srabian (Part 4)

Part 4 of 4 video interviews with SF Giants – Social Media Director – Bryan Srabian So, we’ve talked with Bryan about his role with the Giants and how they approach their social media strategy. Then we heard about some of the SF Giants most creative social media campaigns and how they have managed to…

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30 Books To Help You Land A Job In Sports

Article co-written by Sports Networker’s Online Marketing Intern – Holly Koski For many people, the Easter long weekend is a long overdue break from a seemingly never-ending winter and the first signs of Spring. For many students out there, it means that final exams are coming up.  And, for some, that means it’s time to…

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