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Twins To Host 2014 MLB All-Star Game

For the first time in 25-plus years, the Twin Cities will host the 2014 MLB All-Star Game, Major League Baseball officially announced on Wednesday afternoon. The last time Minnesota hosted the All-Star Game, it was held at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. Yet, on July 15, 2014, the recently-constructed Target Field will play host to the…

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Minnesota Twins Launch First Ever MLB in-game Mobile Sports App for Baseball Fans

As technology continues to expand into the sports world and communications departments brainstorm to create inovative ways of engaging their fanbases, the Minnesota Twins are at the forefront of the next latest and greatest sports app. Together, the Twins and MLB Advanced Media have launched the “At the Plate” sports mobile app, which can be…

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How To Get A Job In Sports with Chris Iles, Manager Corporate Communications – Minnesota Twins

How to Get a Job in Sports with Chris Iles, Corporate Communication Mg. of the Minnesota Twins Meet Chris Iles, the Corporate Communications Manager for the Minnesota Twins. He’s a hometown guy, raised and educated in the Twin Cities area. He’s also the originator of the Twins’ Tweet Board, a growing sensation. I had the…

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MLB Facebook Pages – Top vs Worst Teams

It can be argued that the best teams should have the best MLB Facebook Pages. If a team is successful on the field, you’d expect they’d be able to capitalize on fan fervor and strengthen their fan connection online.  On the flip side, it might also be argued that the worst teams have nowhere to…

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