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INFOGRAPHIC: Managing An eSports Team

In this day and age different types of sports are coming up everywhere. This includes eSports, which combine the technology of 2015 with the competition of traditional sports. ESPN recently aired a broadcast of colleges competing against each other in “Heroes of the Storm,” which got a quality rating for its channel and time slot….

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Masters Winners From 1934-2012 (INFOGRAPHIC)

There’s nothing like the majestic nature of The Masters. This legendary tournament seems to transcend time, getting better year in and year out as millions tune in to see who will be the one to win the lustrous green jacket. The action has already seen some fireworks with a 14-year old making the cut and Tiger…

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Sports and Social Media: Winners and Losers (Infographic)

Social Media in Sports: Who are the Winners and Losers? Sports and social media make a great team. Whilst fans follow the action, they can share the moment with their friends and fellow supporters. But who is making the most of this relationship? And who would be best advised to keep clear of Twitter altogether?…

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Colts-Sports Technology

How The Indianapolis Colts Used Sports Technology To Improve Its Game In 2012-13 (INFOGRAPHIC)

Like other NFL teams in 2012-13, the Indianapolis Colts also made the jump to Global Apptitude’s digital playbook to give themselves the competitive advantage. Instead of resorting to a hefty 800-page playbook for another season, head coach Chuck Pagano opted for the trendier and more environmentally-friendly playbook. But that wasn’t their only change in sports technology….

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By The Numbers: How NFL Playoff Seeds Do In The Post-Season (INFOGRAPHIC)

Thirty-two NFL teams play a 16-game schedule each and every season to have a shot at making the playoffs. Only two teams grab the No. 1 seeds and this year, it was the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos. But earning the top seed doesn’t necessarily guarantee a trip to the Super Bowl. In fact, in…

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Social Media Examines The Life Of An NFL Official (INFOGRAPHIC)

They’re the most hated individuals on any given Sunday in the Fall. Some are better known for their disastrous hiccups while others are known for, well, their physique. Yes, I’m obviously talking about Ed Hochuli (See left). But, thanks to and social media, we’re able to take a closer look at NFL officiating. From the…

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NCAA College Football Coaches By The Numbers (INFOGRAPHIC)

With college football just starting up for the 2012 season, there are a handful of storylines to watch. How will Penn State fair under first-year coach Bill O’Brien following a summer of sanctions and bowl bans? Can LSU function without Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu after his dismissal from the program on August 10? Will the…

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