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The Social Development of Athletes – Part I

Don’t You Know Who I Am? It seems that we constantly hear complaints about the lack of accountability or lack of maturity of professional athletes, from both society and fans alike.  They say that athletes have overly inflated egos. They claim that athletes can get away with anything.  They state that athletes make too much…

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Sports Employment: Being The Friendly Grim Reaper

Have you ever considered what it would be like to tell a professional football player that he was losing his job?  Well, I just happen to know the answer, so pad up, sit down, and buckle in! The Employment Process All industries and companies have employees, and as a result, each entity must deal with…

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Living the Dream… The Road to Your Sports Career (Step 4)

I shed a happy tear as I write this last article of the 4 Step process to earning a job in sports.  If you missed out on the fun of any the previous 3 Steps, you should definitely check them out!  But I know you are anxious for answers, so lets go!  You now have…

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Living the Dream… The Road to Your Sports Career (Step 3)

Hello again, dear valued reader.  Hopefully Step 1 and Step 2 of this column have been both informative and enjoyable to read.  You are already past halfway!  After reading and applying the first two Steps, you are now connected in the industry and you know a specific job you ultimately want to earn. But simply talking to people does…

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Living the Dream… The Road to Your Sports Career (Step 2)

Welcome back to the second installment of what is hopefully the most beneficial 4-part series you will ever read regarding working in sports.  I hope you enjoyed reading Step 1… now on to Step 2.  Hooray! So you are now ready to go, fully armed with names and numbers of people to contact.  Remember, these…

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Living the Dream… The Road to Your Sports Career (Step 1)

So you want to work in sports?  Or are you maybe just trying to figure out if you really want to work in sports?  Lucky you, you have a step-by-step guide to the sports career search and discovery process right here!  Over the coming weeks, I will dive into what it takes, my experiences, and what you…

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