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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 10.21.13 – 10.28.13

Top News in the #SportsBiz for this week involves Xbox One launching promotional commercials during the NFL’s Sunday Night Football.  Other news includes the NFL looking at potential Thursday night game packages, Vikings stadium talks, a Fitness and Sports Technology Expo, and an evolving NCAA rule book.  Read on to get your #SportsBiz fix! Sports…

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Missed Opportunity for the NFL on Opening Weekend

As I write this post on Monday afternoon, the day after Opening Sunday (and six hours before kickoff of Monday Night Football), the NFL is being mentioned on Twitter at an extraordinary rate. In the past hour, “NFL” has been tweeted 1,500+ times.

I want to take this as a chance to highlight a missed opportunity for the NFL. In the past four days (Thursday was the first game of the season and yesterday was Opening Sunday), the league has received thousands and thousands of mentions and @replies, yet they’ve failed to respond to a single fan. It’s about time for the league to stop using their account as a news feed. To be fair, the MLB doesn’t do much better, but the NBA and NHL both respond to fans all the time. And you can bet if it were opening day, their feeds would be full of @replies.

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