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Women’s Equality Day: Empowering Women Through Sports

On August 18th, 1920, Congress signed into law the 19th Constitutional Amendment granting women the right to vote. 51 years later in 1971, August 26th was designated as Women’s Equality Day, an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the great strides American women have made, becoming leaders in a historically male-dominated society. Women’s Equality Day and…

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Top Ten Most Influential Women in Sports

What qualifies a woman as influential in the sports world? Is it her athletic ability, verbal skills, looks or her ability to lead into new frontiers? Does influence require years of training, bold new ideas or both? Below you will find our opinion of the top ten most influential women in sports. Women in Sports…

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The Success of World Team Tennis

Sportsnetworker often features stories and posts from the multi-million dollar global sporting industry. The last few entries have looked at massive sporting brands such as the NFL, NBA and Manchester United. There are, however, many successful sporting properties that have carved a niche for themselves– even without big budgets. These properties function not necessarily off…

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