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Ray Rice

Ravens’ RB Ray Rice Invests For The Future With Sports Business Decision

Ray Rice knows he won’t be receiving a paycheck for playing in the NFL for forever. And he sure doesn’t want to ever go broke. So, what has the current Baltimore Ravens running back done to put himself in the best position possible financially once his playing days are over? The two-time Pro Bowler recently…

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The Multi-Purpose NFL Stadiums Trend

(This is a guest post by Brad Acker)

Many of the articles that I’ve been reading have pointed out that the multi-purpose stadium tread ended when Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles, was built in 1992.

Why I agree that Camden Yards was a historical turning point for sports venues, I disagree that it ended the trend. The past few years have shown us that it just doesn’t work financially to have a single-use stadium.

Of course Baltimore’s level of play on the field hasn’t exactly helped!

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