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Sports Networker – Interview Articles

One of the main areas of focus here at is in helping our audience understand what it takes to make it in the sports industry.

We do this by interviewing successful sports business professionals on how they’ve found success in the sports industry so that others can learn from their experience.

Our interviews are conducted either in person, via Skype video chat or recorded audio that is then transcribed and included in an article on

Sports Job Interview Questions

Sticking with our philosophy of providing VALUE to our audience, we also want to provide value to our interviewees in the form of exposure to our audience to help them build their own personal brand in the sports industry.

Here are a sample of questions we typically ask during our interviews:

  1. Name/Title/Role (Introduction)
  2. What is your story?
    • What was your path into your current role?
    • Have you always known that you wanted to work in sports?
    • Who influenced you along the way? (Mentor)
  3. What role has social media played in your rise in the sports industry (if any)?
    • Networking
    • Establishing expertise
    • Unique story?? (did social media help you land a job?)
  4. What does a typical day look like for you?
    • What is the best part about your job?
    • What are some of the skills required to do your job?
  5. What advice would you give to those people aspiring to land their dream job in the sports industry?
    • Focus in one area?
    • Internships?
    • Education?
    • Free Work?
    • Networking (events, conferences, etc)?
  6. How can people connect with you online?

Past Sports Job Interviews

Here are a few of the Sports Job interviews we have conducted in the past:



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