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5 Great Sports Documentaries

Documentaries and sports fans just go together so nicely. This list could easily span pages and pages, but in order to save you time and my fingers from falling off, I’ll focus on some of the great ones. Some of these you may recognize, others may be a complete mystery. These ones will be good…

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Sports Journalist Toolkit: What You NEED to Have

To all you aspiring sports journalists hoping to be the next Al Michaels, Woody Paige, Erin Andrews, Kirk Herbstreit or John Madden, you’ll need to know the basic “toolkit” needed to be successful. Odds are you won’t be busting onto the national scene to start your career, and will have to work your way up the…

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5 NBA Teams to Follow on Google+

We’ve already covered Facebook and Twitter as we highlight the NBA on social media and which teams are dominating social media. We now move over to Google+ where some franchises are utilizing the growing social networking site. Some of these you’d expect based on geographical location and demographic, but other medium market teams are really…

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4 Highly Talked About NFL Team FaceBook Fan Pages

FaceBook, the social media giant, is the forefront of fan and team connection. You can make a case for Twitter, but there’s something more personal about FaceBook. Nearly everyone has one, and fans around the world can join together to show their pride for who they “like.” A little over a year ago, FaceBook added…

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6 NFL Teams To Follow On Google+

FaceBook may be the social media giant, but Google Plus is certainly making grounds. Nearly every NFL franchise has an official account with six teams going above the rest in their connectivity to their fans. These teams highlighted below are the ones that go above and beyond, and have over 100,000 +1s. With the median…

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4 NFL Teams To Follow On Pinterest

The National Football League (NFL) is quickly becoming not only king of popularity, but king of social media as well. Whether it be FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest, teams are talking to the web to keep connected. And some much more than others. Pinterest, at its origins, was considered a hotspot for things about as opposite of…

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3 Examples of Social Media Disasters During 2012 Summer London Olympics

Social media giant Twitter has grown to over 500 million users and an average of 340 million tweets per day (August 2012) and is continuing to grow. Athletes, fans, and team/organization representatives have used the site to connect to one another and build an online relationship. But as is too often the case in these…

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