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New Technology: What Second Screen Viewing Means for Sports Business

People are dependent on new technology like smartphones and tablets in everyday life; it’s no secret that this attachment bleeds into watching television. Smart devices make it easy to add a second screen to whatever you are watching, allowing you to keep up with everything being talked about with regard to the event.

This is especially true with sports. While more and more fans are relying on the second screen to increase interaction during events, brands and businesses can capitalize on social influence and create programs that people rely on for better interactions during events.

Here are some ways that the second screen impacts sports and what it means for businesses.

New Technology Means More Mobile Applications

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Business Insider recently reported the combination of watching TV and simultaneously using a smartphone or tablet increased tremendously in the last year alone. As the increase continues, so does consumer demand for mobile applications. Mobile application creators are looking to keep up with the desire for people to watch live sporting events with mobile supplementation.

For businesses, this means more opportunity for mobile applications that will provide consumers with the real-time information and details they desire while watching live sports. While there are plenty of apps already available, there are always untapped niche markets that haven’t been explored. This offers the opportunity for first-mover advantage and growth from businesses looking to capitalize on the market.

New Technology is Better For Fantasy Sports


Forbes has suggested that fantasy sports will be a 1.7 billion dollar industry by 2017. Each week, fans rush to their mobile devices to update their fantasy rosters.

Football is predominately fantasy’s largest draw. But as the second screen in sports becomes more prominent, participation in fantasy basketball, hockey, MMA, soccer and baseball will increase proportionately.

Unlike stationary PCs, which may be located in a different room than your TV, mobile tablets and smartphones are dynamic and easily movable. Businesses can continue to leverage fantasy sports’ influence on fans by providing apps, websites and other informative links that will return up-to-the-second information to fans and consumers as quickly as they request it.

Fantasy sports is a booming business. Second screen promotion is on the steep incline. It is a perfect match.

The Second Screen Spectrum – From Startups to Major Brands


The value of the second screen in sports is not just important to small businesses and startups. There are several large companies and brands leveraging the prominence of the second screen.

One of the best examples of big brands leveraging the second screen was Oreo’s nearly instantaneous Twitter campaign following the power outage at the Superdome during Super Bowl XLVII.

Another prime example of big business capitalizing on second screens came earlier this year. Apple acquired second screen TV startup to capitalize on the market share the startup grasped. Like Oreo and Apple, there is an obvious desire for companies to innovate, create and acquire resources to maximize exposure in the consumers’ second screen experience.

The ever-evolving second screen allows sports fans access to real-time updates of scores, stats and curated social streams. From startups to big brands, the most successful businesses have leveraged both web and mobile applications quickly and creatively to engage and influence this market.

As the level of interaction that fans have with the new technology of second screen viewing continues to skyrocket, the biggest challenge moving forward is being the first to reinvent fan engagement in the most innovative way.

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