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Super Bowl XLVII: Comparing the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens on Social Media

urlReady, set blitz! We’re officially on the cusp of Super Bowl Sunday, or so appropriated dubbed the Super Bro-l. Yeah, the media and everyone is going bananas over the story of the two brothers who coach their respective teams and the saga leading up to the game is all over the social media sites.

It’s inevitable that you’ll get pinged by at least Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Linked In (if you’re part of any sports group on there).

So in honor of the media frenzy that the Super Bowl brings here are some mind numbing stats, tweets  and images from the week leading up to Super Sunday.

Here’s How the Teams Compare

urlSan Francisco 49ers

For the San Francisco 49ers the team’s official Facebook page is blowing the cover off the New Orleans Superdome in traffic.  There are over 1.6 million fans who “like” the page and nearly half a million that are talking about it on Facebook. Fans can interact in back and forth chats, but also you can view images of the new stadium and even buy tickets via their social media site. The social media tag line has been “The Quest for Six” as the 49ers attempt to step into history with 6 Superbowl victories in as many appearances.

url-1Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens’ official Facebook page is a little more simple than the elaborate 49ers scheme. It also about 300,000 less fans at around 1.3 million with a healthy dose of fans’ pictures from the Big Easy down in Louisiana as they prepare for Sunday’s festivities. The Facebook page has an interactive icon “Ravens Reps” where fans can win prizes based on their content additions and a link to Instagram images as well.

The Twittersphere, as Twitter’s universe is known to be has also been a social media frenzy where fans have flocked to mainly engage in friend banter/trash talk to harsh critiquing along with hashtagging and tweeting at certain players in preparation. Everything from Beyonce’s eagerly anticipated halftime performance to the week’s less than appropriate comments have been tossed around on Twitter. From the Raven’s camp everything from Torrey Smith’s brother, who recently passed away, has been brought up again, Ray Lewis’ and his alleged “deer antler spray” controversy started by Sports Illustrated article and the Flacco misstep on the “retarded” comment, that was quickly retracted, have stirred the social media pot. For the 49ers it’s been a little more melo, but the fans are just as frenzied. However 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver captured headlines earlier this week with his anti-gay comments and homophobic undertones. Vernon Davis played the media circus well and Steve Young has been in Collin Kaepernick’s head this week.

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